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Submission + - Online pornography to be blocked automatically, PM to announce (

An anonymous reader writes: Every household in the UK is to have pornography blocked by their internet provider unless they choose to receive it, David Cameron is to announce.

In addition, Mr Cameron will say possessing online pornography depicting rape will be illegal, bringing England and Wales in line with Scotland.

In a speech, the prime minister will warn that access to online pornography is "corroding childhood".


Submission + - 3D printing: what's out there and how much does it cost (

Barence writes: "3D printing is a fascinating technology, but until very recently it's always been just out of reach for most of us. That's changing this year, as evidenced by four big 3D printing companies showing off their consumer wares at CES 2013. PC Pro sought out the booths of MakerBot, Afinia, Formlabs and 3D Systems, and this quick guide to 3D printing rounds up what's out there, who it's for and what technology it uses, and how much it all costs."

Submission + - Join the Cloud (

An anonymous reader writes: The cloud has changed the way in which we work, communicate, and live, and is here to stay. Mind-blowing growth and scale of investments are predicted. As everybody knows by know, the energy-intensive nature of maintaining the cloud, makes the IT sector more and more polluting.

The IT sector is also one of the most energy spilling industries. Energy efficiency varies widely from company to company. New York Times and McKinsey Company analyzed energy use by data centers and found that, on average, they were using only 6 percent to 12 percent of the electricity powering their servers to perform computations.

This underutilization, or waste, is a result of unpredictable peaks, together with ever growing business dependencies of the cloud applications. Both the predicted growth as increasing dependencies will increase “oversizing” of IT capacity even more, a non-sustainable situation.

Companies have to use each other’s IT capacity to make IT more sustainable at the end. A new type of collaboration, what will result in better and sustainable usage of existing IT capacity. Together, we have to focus on innovations, which make things more efficient. This philosophy of “Running the Cloud Together” has been the starting point of Greenclouds ever since it has been founded 3 years ago. Supporting the beliefs, which we have to collaborate and change, to truly innovate.

This blog will encourage the conversation and interaction about topics like cloud computing, cloud federation, energy efficiency, collaboration and how technology could support this new movement. I invite you to contribute to this conversation.


Submission + - Phil Schiller puts damper on cheap iPhone rumors (

An anonymous reader writes: A number of media outlets this week issued reports claiming that Apple is planning to release a more economical iPhone model sometime in 2013. While the initial report from Digitimes may have been glossed over by many, subsequent reports were soon published by both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. The thrust of these rumors was that Apple, in an effort to make inroads in emerging markets and to appeal to more cost-conscious consumers, was working on a iPhone model in the $99-$149 range that would utilize cheaper materials so that Apple could maintain its already healthy profit margins.

Addressing these rumors in a somewhat roundabout way, Apple's Senior VP of Marketing Phil Schiller on Thursday was interviewed by the Shanghai Evening News where he arguably dismissed the notion of a cheaper iPhone.


Submission + - Program to identify traffic "black spots" (

RogerRoast writes: A PhD student developed SAFEPED, a computer simulation that integrates robots and driver statistics to identify traffic "black spots" and allows traffic planners to analyze and fix dangerous intersections. Based on a theory of human cognition, SAFEPED is far more true-to-life than other computer traffic models.
The Internet

Submission + - $300M to save 6 milliseconds? (

whoever57 writes: A new transatlantic cable (the first in 10 years) is going to be laid at the cost of $300M. The reason? To shave 6ms off the time time to transmit packets from London to New York. The Hibernian Express will reduce the transit time of 65 milliseconds by a mere 6 ms, however the investors believe that the financial community will be lining up to pay premium rates to use the new cable. The article suggests that a a one millisecond advantage could be worth $100M per year to a large hedge fund.

Submission + - Skein Hash... in Bash (

Matt16060936 writes: ...Last night (err.. 3am this morning) I finished an implementation of the Skein 512-512 hash algorithm (version 1.3). I'm a fan of Skein and hope it wins the SHA-3 competition next year. One of the nice things about Skein is how quickly it's been adopted by many platforms and implemented in many languages. To that end, I present Skein 512-512 implemented in Bash.

Submission + - GameStop Developing Its Own Android Tablet (

An anonymous reader writes: GameStop has confirmed rumors that it is planning to jump into the tablet market with a device dedicated to gaming. '[GameStop President Tony Bartel said] this week that Android was capable of running what he called a "GameStop-certified gaming platform" and that GameStop would be self-branding existing tablet hardware built by an unspecified third-party manufacturer. ... GameStop will sell its gaming tablet alongside consoles and handheld gaming devices from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and others, he said.' There's no release date yet, but the device is currently being tested by consumers. 'GameStop will ship the tablet with a dedicated controller, though he admitted that "[t]here's not a lot of tablet/android based games for the consumer that are designed to use an external controller."'"

Submission + - Fatherhood Decreases Testosterone (

Med-trump writes: A new study shows that becoming a father leads to a sharp decline in testosterone, suggesting that although high levels of the hormone may help men win a mate, testosterone-fueled traits such as aggression and competition are less useful when it comes to raising children. The study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences revealed that testosterone levels were lowest in men who reported spending the greatest amount of time spent caring for their children.

Submission + - US fires up gigabit app dev. for ultrafast nets (

coondoggie writes: "The US government and the National Science Foundation have announced a plan they say will go a long way toward building applications that can take advantage of ultrafast broadband networks. Dubbed US Ignite, the plan is to use existing high-speed fiber optic and wireless networks, such as the NSF's GENI network to link universities and a growing number of communities with networks that are 10-100 times faster than current residential broadband Internet services, according to as post on the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy site."

Submission + - Mouse Without Borders: a free software KM (no V) ( 3

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft‘s Mouse without Borders is a free application that lets people use a single mouse across multiple computers. That means the cursor will go from one computer to the next as if they were simply multiple displays hooked up to the same system. Files can be dragged and dropped from one machine to the next, and up to four computers can be connected at once. What’s more, the software removes the borders from your keyboard as well — so it too can be used on up to four systems — and it allows for copying and pasting across machines.

Submission + - Ford Evos cloud-connected concept car unveiled ( 1

hasanabbas1987 writes: "The sparkling red eye candy or simply Ford Evos revealed itself at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. The Evos is termed as cloud-connected meaning it can learn your prefrences, save them somewhere on its clever system, download traffic detail from the internet, show points of interests on maps and that is just the standard options. Its a plug-in hybrid to it will run on full batteries for about 500 miles and when the charge run out, use the all green motor to be all gentle on the environment, something which the looks of the cars disagree with. It will even help you select between EV and normal modes, depending upon roads ahead of you. And just to throw in a last minute detail, it also monitors the heartbeat of the driver as he sits in “the hot seat”"

Submission + - Win8 to support ISOs natively (

An anonymous reader writes: Windows 8 is all set to have a really useful feature: the ability to mount and use ISO images without having to install any additional programs.

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