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Submission + - More mileage for failed experiments! (

asher09 writes: "All Results Journal: Chem editors write "It is well known that more than 60% of the experiments fail to produce results or expected discoveries. This high percentage of "failed" research generates high level pieces of knowledge. But generally, all these experiments have not been published anywhere as they have been considered useless for our research target. The objective of “The All Results Journals: Chem” focuses on recovering and publishing negative results in Chemistry. These key experiments are vital for the complete development of science. These negative results are the catalyst for a real science-based empirical knowledge."

I received an invitation to publish in this journal via email on March 31 at 11pm. My first reaction was "Oh April fool's joke, eh?". But upon some inspection, it appears legit.
Now I don't have to have successful experiments to keep publishing my data! Does this mean job security for me???"

Comment Re:No Repeats? (Score 1) 361

One of the major reasons has to do with safety. The Miller experiment was done in a closed system of glassware that was under pressure from heat and sparks (albeit having a condenser). I got my PhD in a lab next door to Jeffrey Bada's lab (one of the authors and a former student of Miller's). So I used to use Prof. Bada's lab for their NH3 tank for Birch reduction, etc (our lab was not equipped with a liquid NH3 tank for EHS reasons), and I remember thinking there's no way I'd want to be close to this glassware if the Miller experiment was repeated especially given the presence of H2, etc. When you look at the video footage of Miller with the glassware, you'll notice he wasn't even wearing safety goggles. Chemists used to have a completely different mentality back then. For instance, some of my mentors used to smoke cigarettes right next to a squirt bottle of diethyl ether "back in the days". Today, it's unthinkable!!!
Regardless, this experiment is still irrelevant because those gases Miller used (H2S, H2, NH3, CO2, esp.) cannot coexist in the same place for any appreciable amount of time. Gases like CO2 would not exist without a significant amt of O2, but H2S, H2, NH3, etc (and the amino acid products) would be quickly oxidized at elevated temp in the presence of O2. Moreover, if O2 was absent, unfiltered UV radiation (w/out O2, no O3 layer) would also quickly destroy those reducing gases and amino acid products.

Texas Bill Outlaws Discrimination Against Creationists In Academia 1251

ndogg writes "There is a Texas bill, HB 2454, proposed by Republican State Rep. Bill Zedler, that will outlaw discrimination against creationists in colleges and universities. More specifically, it says, 'An institution of higher education may not discriminate against or penalize in any manner, especially with regard to employment or academic support, a faculty member or student based on the faculty member's or student's conduct of research relating to the theory of intelligent design or other alternate theories of the origination and development of organisms.'"

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