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Comment Go private (Score 1) 6

I don't know of any myself but I can suggest a few things. They're more expensive but some private schools may offer different approaches like what you're looking for. Also to the posters who are ignoring his statements about disinterest in non-focus of study classes. First of all, good high schools will often have more intense classes than a lot of run of the mill colleges for things like history or foreign language. This was my high school experience, too. For me taking western civ in high school with an intense teacher in classroom of 20 students... then going and taking Western civ in a giant lecture all with 50 or 60+ students... was a waste of my time. However part of a 4 year degree is really taking general ed. requirements. Consider getting a masters or something else if you want something of significance, unless you go to a baller school then a 4 year college degree still is worthy of your investment.

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