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The Internet

Athletes Can Blog at Olympics - with Restrictions 184

Hugh Pickens writes "The IOC has given athletes the right to blog at the Beijing Games this summer, a first for the Olympics. They're allowed, as long as they follow the many rules it set to protect copyright agreements, confidential information and security. The IOC said blogs by athletes 'should take the form of a diary or journal' and should not contain any interviews with other competitors at the games. They also should not write about other athletes. Still pictures are allowed as long as they do not show Olympic events. Athletes must obtain the consent of their competitors if they wish to photograph them. Also, athletes cannot use their blogs for commercial gain."

Viacom Sues Google Over YouTube for $1 Billion 508

Snowgen writes "Viacom has filed a $1,000,000,000.00 lawsuit for 'massive intentional copyright infringement' against Google over YouTube video clips. '"YouTube's strategy has been to avoid taking proactive steps to curtail the infringement on its site," Viacom said in a statement. "Their business model, which is based on building traffic and selling advertising off of unlicensed content, is clearly illegal and is in obvious conflict with copyright laws.'"

Skype's Free Phone Call Plan Will Soon Have Annual Fee 171

The New York Times is reporting that Skype has said it would begin charging $30 a year for unlimited calls to landline and mobile phones within the United States and Canada. From the article: "As a promotion, Skype began allowing its users to place free domestic 'SkypeOut' calls from their computers to traditional and mobile phones last May. At the time, the company said the promotion would extend only through year's end. The company is offering a half-price subscription to those who sign up before Jan. 31. Calls from one computer to another have been and will continue to be free."

MySpace CoFounder Says Purchase Was A Scam 214

Jonathan writes "Brad Greenspan says he's the real founder of MySpace, not Tom, and the sale of MySpace to News Corp. was a criminal act. In a nine-chapter report, he describes how this was accomplished by hiding the value of the site from Intermix Media's shareholders." From the article: "How was News Corp able to turn $327 million into $20 billion or more of value within a year? The Myspace/Intermix transaction was so low compared to other internet transactions that it is raising eyebrows by analysts and media everywhere. Everyone seems to be asking how News Corp. got such a good deal. It seems too good to be true! After signing the transaction to buy Myspace & Intermix (but prior to the closing), News Corp. itself even showed how strangely little it had paid for Myspace by immediately paying $3.99 per monthly page view for slow growing comparable IGN. News Corp. paid only .03 cents per monthly page view for the hyper fast growing Myspace. Therefore, we can conclude that the fair value of Myspace was 100x or more what News Corp. paid! "

Scientists Search Deep Sea Reefs for Wonder Drugs 144

ScienceDaily is reporting that a team of scientists will be venturing some 2000-3000 feet below the ocean surface in order to explore deep-sea reefs discovered last December. From the article: "A primary goal of the upcoming expedition, which is funded largely by the State of Florida's 'Florida Oceans Initiative,' will be to search for marine organisms that produce chemical compounds with the potential to treat human diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's."

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