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Talking Web, Memory Aids, and Solar Phones In 5 Years 109

jbrodkin writes "A talking Web, solar technology embedded in windows and cell phones, and the end of forgetting will all come in the next five years, IBM predicts in its third annual Next Five in Five list, detailing innovations that could change our lives in the next half-decade. The other predictions: We will all have digital shopping assistants and, separately, 'crystal balls' to predict our future health. If IBM is right, in five years we'll forget about keyboards and use our voices to surf the Web on solar-powered laptops. DNA profiles will predict our personal health risks, and we'll get automatic reminders to perform daily tasks, generated by digital recording and analysis of our conversations."

Sweet Molecule Could Lead Us To Alien Life 72

Matt_dk writes "Scientists have detected an organic sugar molecule that is directly linked to the origin of life in a region of our galaxy where habitable planets could exist. The international team of researchers used the IRAM radio telescope in France to detect the molecule in a massive star forming region of space, some 26,000 light years from Earth."

Submission + - First look at Mozilla Fennec mobile browser (

Big Eared Bob writes: Mozilla has released a prealpha build of mobile browser Fennec and Ars Technica finds it very promising. 'Despite the early state of development, Fennec has some impressive features that reveal significant potential. The biggest win in Fennec's feature set is support for inertial scrolling. Fennec also includes a single-click bookmarking system that is a lot like the one found in Firefox 3. Other advanced features, like support for the AwesomeBar, are planned but not yet implemented.' Ars also discusses Fennec's roadmap with Mozilla Mobile director Jay Sullivan who notes that 'full AJAX support, SQLite, and access to device capabilities from JavaScript' are on the agenda.
Desktops (Apple)

Journal Journal: Safari Installed Through Apple Software Update on Windows

Martin LaMonica over at CNET has brought it the users attention on how Apple is pushing people to use their Safari browser on their Windows machine by pushing it to users through their Apple Software Update Tool, that commonly is installed with QuickTime and iTunes.
The Internet

Submission + - FireFox 3 Uses Less Memory Than IE, Opera & Sa

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "According to new memory benchmarks, Firefox 3 uses less memory than other major browsers, including Opera. Due to all the complaints about memory leaks, they've integrated new technology like FreeBSD's jemalloc and a new XPCOM cycle collector. The cycle collector in particular is very important, because it can find many memory leaks caused by faulty extensions and correct them, so buggy extensions will no longer have the impact they once did. They've also modified the cache settings, so they're no longer quite so gluttonous and they no longer bother storing certain things like decompressed image data. With this new low-memory diet, there's even talk of Firefox 3 being more competitive on mobile devices."

Submission + - Mozilla Dev Comments on Firefox 3 Beta 4 Memory Us (

Goatbert writes: "I just saw this post on Mozilla Developer Stuart Parmenter's blog detailing the memory usage improvements in Firefox 3 Beta 4. I'm running it myself and it is using about 120mb less than it would usually be using with this many tabs open (25) after this period of time. The beta is available here (at your own risk, of course)."
The Internet

Submission + - Hands On With (the Snappier) Firefox 3 Beta 4 (

lsatenstein writes: ",2817,2275218,00.asp Not yet ready are the add-ons such as the second language dictionaries. I desperately need the French dictionary to accompany the English one before I will be able to upgrade. Otherwise, it feels more peppy, seems to be faster as a result, and has some very nice new features. Leslie"

Submission + - Firefox 3: how to rock on a memory budget 1

**loki969** writes: "There have been lively discussions on "/." about Firefox's memory management, or rather the lack of it. The new Beta 4 claims not only to have made a big step forward in improving Firefox 3 memory management, but also to have taken the lead in using the least memory compared to FF 2 and IE 7. Percy Cabello posted a short summary that claims that Firefox 3_Beta_4 even sacks Opera 9.5beta.

The bottom line: Firefox 3 rocks in memory management."
Internet Explorer

Submission + - Battle of the betas: Firefox 3 beats IE8 (

Lucas123 writes: "In a comparison of betas between Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 8, Computerworld says Firefox 3 comes out on top. Firefox's new features, it concludes, make browsing the Web easier, faster, safer, and easier to customize — and the memory leak problem seems to have been fixed. IE8, on the other hand, offers some flashy new tools, but for everyday browsing, Firefox is superior."

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