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Comment Far Manager (Windows) (Score 1) 531

This tool is a nice command prompt replacement. It has two panes for directory listings. It has auto-complete, programmable macros, file search and a lot more features that I don't use but may still be useful. It also has a built in text editor/ file viewer that is nice for opening very large log files where some other windows programme might complain.

Comment Re:You do not fix things. (Score 1) 259

If I were going to use the term 'retarded' as a pejorative, I would probably post as AC too. In any case, his point still stands. The American economy is driven by consumption. I would be willing to bet that a large portion of Nikon sales go to American consumers, and just because 'pclminion's' comment was specifically targeted at the US consumer, a generality can be derived to describe consumers in any Geographical region/ socioeconomic grouping who can afford higher end cameras. Asserting some supposed level of retardation sustained by his brain just because you found something you could pick apart in his comment makes you look like a bored, sad and lonely individual. Next time at least try extracting any value from a comment and then comment on how it could be improved or made more accurate.

Comment Re:No more time travel! (Score 1) 735

I believe the heart of all sci-fi is the author posing a 'what if' scenario to the reader. The author then explores the nature of sentient existence in this scenario. Any sci-fi depicting FTL travel has made a pretty big 'what if' scenario. Any sci-fi showing close to FTL travel with no time dilation ( affects to the crew is ignoring the special theory of relativity unless the author gets creative and says something like 'the ship wrapped in a gravity field shielding the crew from the affects of changes in acceleration'. Any movie depicting time travel into the past as sub-FTL travel through a wormhole as in the newest Star Trek installment, is ridiculous.

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