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Comment Re:Even if you don't get a drobo ... (Score 1) 609

Regaular old raid arrays just don't resize like that.

Actually, they do. Nearly every RAID solution I've ever seen will allow you to expand the array to the size of the smallest drive. Increase the size of the smallest drive, the controller automatically rebuilds with the new drive, and then expands the array when complete. Then it's just a matter of going through whatever procedures your file system requires to expand a partition.

If you want to see something that will actually efficiently use disparate sized drives, check out RAID 1E and the file duplication on ZFS and BtrFS. Rather than mirroring two specific drives, these simply contain a pool of drives, and make sure each block or file exists on at least two of the drives.

Comment Re:Satellite vulnerability (Score 1) 457

Satellite dependence? The GPS constellation is designed that from the ground there are almost always six birds visible, even though only three are needed for a fix. When one fails, it doesn't take the others with it, and the constellation is simply reconfigured to make up for the missing satellite. The birds have a proven track record for reliability. And they're always going to exist because the military needs them to, regardless of the civilian need.

Radar, on the other hand, breaks down. It's a spinning motorized beast that gets beat up by wind, rain, hail, snow, ice and rust. Replacement parts are expensive. Maintenance is constant. And due to curvature of the earth radar coverage is still quite poor, as the further you get from a station or the closer you are to the ground the less visible you are. Significant portions of the U.S. airspace are completely invisible on radar, even though there are a hundred ground radar stations sweeping the skies.

Finally, radar is systemically fragile to your imagined terrorists. A single ground station could be taken out by a band of idiots with small arms, leaving a large metropolitan area with no radar coverage whatsoever. For that matter, a radar could be taken out by a single idiot with a screwdriver and the wrong manual. A GPS satellite, on the other hand, is in MEO, 12,500 nice safe miles from the nearest idiot or screwdriver.

Comment Re:Wing Commander II (Score 1) 251

Myst and Riven are two examples of games with exactly these opposites. In Myst, the only three characters in the entire game were played by Rand and Robyn Miller, who designed the game. The acting was not terrible, but you could sort of tell that acting wasn't what they did. Rand ended up playing Atrus in all the Myst games, but he always said he was never an actor. (He was better in the later games.)

Riven, of course, saw the return of Rand as Atrus, but all of the other actors were professionals, if not well known. Gehn was played by John Keston, who is a theatrically trained British actor, with a bit of skill at opera. There's an easter egg in Riven that shows Gehn singing "O Sole Mio". This acting was wonderful, and it made Riven a great game to play.

Comment Re:Another card? (Score 2, Informative) 619

Don't worry, the UK government has been pushing for this for years. Technically it already exists, and about 5 volunteers have signed up for it. On the other hand, while certain groups have IIRC already been forced to have one, other test groups have outright rejected it.

With an election coming up, I haven't seen a single reference in favour of ID cards from the Labour lot who are in power at the moment, and both the other big parties have said they will scrap the scheme. It's become a political nightmare for the government.

FWIW, the really insidious thing here in the UK isn't actually the cards, it's the all-in-one database that is behind them. Curiously, the Conservatives (who are likely to win power later this year) seem to have been a bit quiet about that.

Comment Re:Movies (Score 1) 438

I try not to "block" anyone from entering with anything reasonable. If it's a bulky item that will be in everyone's way, I'll keep it for them until the show is over. The one thing (other than food) that I will not allow anyone to carry into the auditorium is a skateboard. All skateboards must be left at the counter.

I do what I can to prevent outside food from being brought in, partly because nobody wants to smell someone's liver and onion taco or stepping on their half-eaten ice cream cone, and partly because, as I tell sometimes tell people, "Would you go to a restaurant and bring your own meal?" Bringing your own meal to a theatre is simply not a reasonable expectation. Most people have no problem with this.

I request that people keep their cell phones, mp3 players and whatever else turned off until the show is over, and I enforce that to the best of my ability. I really do wish that cell phone blockers were legalized -- I would love to have one of those, and I'm sure 99+% of my customers would be in favour.

Comment Re:Guess LIGO failed too many times (Score 1) 190

No, I'm "not even" wrong, I'm experimentally verifiably right.

And you on the other hand are experimentally verifiably wrong.

It's sad that you think Newton endorses your viewpoint, because you don't understand that he's explaining a simple problem that the only force that the Laws of Motion define is the reactive force, so in a system with no initial movement, how is movement then imparted. The answer is that there must be some other force outside the Laws of Motion, and there is. Gravity, for instance. That's why Newton didn't spend a lot of time on the issue. You're just confused and ignorant enough that you misinterpret him horribly.

As Wolfgang Pauli would say "Who is this idiot quoting me in support of his crackpot theory? Hey kid: Take a real physics class, you might learn something."

Comment Re:Fraud-bait... tort-bait (Score 0) 419

We are the only developed first class country on earth without government run healthcare

That's not entirely accurate. Canada does not have a central-government run health care system, either. Each province has their own system.

Of course, Canada also doesn't have the US Congress, so if they switched to running things from Ottawa it wouldn't necessarily degenerate into FAIL.

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