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Comment Re:In that I do not use NetFlix, I have some quest (Score 1) 262

When the movies are sent to you, do they arive in any type of packaging that indicate what type of movie you are getting?

Netflix sends movies in a Tyvek sleeve with a label with the title, plot synopsis, and a few other details. This, in turn, goes in a paper envelope that hides everything on the label, except a barcode. I don't know what is encoded in the barcode; if I had to guess, it's a unique identifier Netflix uses for inventory purposes. Without a way to tie that to a movie title, the only way someone's going to know what you're ordering from Netflix would be if someone intercepted your mail and pulled out the movie.

Comment Re:sorry, you've made an incorrect statement (Score 1) 309

Actually, it doesn't. LEGO is an adjective, there are no "legos" or "leggos", they're LEGO bricks:


There is no photoshopping either:

leggos are any bricks that snap together. LEGO is a trademark for a subset of these connecting blocks that has lost true trademark status because people use the word in the generic. That the owner of the trademark asserts something different doesn't surprise me. Though they are still fighting it, which is why I used them and Adobe in my example.

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