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Comment Re:Internet Of Failure (Score 1) 84

I've taken strides to make damn sure the things I buy do not access the internet, if they don't have a productive need to.
The only thing in my house that connects to the internet is my playstation, computer, and.. well.. yeah. That sums it up. I have a techie house, but not internet house.
Since I know how things work behind the scenes, it scares the bejeezus out of me to even think about lining things up to basically be spread buck-naked and ready...

Comment Re:Android has the biggest possibility of that fat (Score 1) 214

Thank you, that's what I've been saying.

In fact, Android was the very reason I broke down and bought an iPhone at first. I went from flip phones to an android and after 2 days I gave that phone to my brother and bought an iPhone. It's an appliance to me, nothing more. I have servers and desktops to administer/program/learn/etc. I'm not wasting my time on a phone that requires me to go through that much effort to keep it functioning properly, or use it correctly.

Comment Re:Not hampered by technology (Score 1) 58

Jeff is right, i watched Avatar in 3D twice (once myself, once with someone else because they wanted someone to see it with) and both times were great with no issues.
I also watched probably 4-5 other movies in the new 3D glasses, with the same outcome. It might have to do with eyesight or perception.
Either way, it's not the tech that is an issue, it's how humans aren't the same.

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