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Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 2) 444

It is the Democrats telling business that all sexes should be able to use the male or female bathrooms.

How is a bathroom male or female? Last I checked, most have sinks, and most have doors which hide toilets which are 100% identical. How much can people talk about nothing?

Men's rooms generally have urinals. They generally stink like urinals mixed with a lot of poo smell. Ladies rooms do not have urinals and fancier establishments have places for sitting down and talking as well as a makeup table with a large mirror.

I generally spend as little time as possible in public men's rooms because of the odour.

They are nowhere near identical or you simply travel in different social circles than I do. I know something about what lady's rooms look like based on what I hear from my fiancee and other ladies. Oh, I forgot, this is slashdot so most of you do not know any ladies besides your mother.

Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 444

Historical revisionism is apparent. Luckily, the US is alone in swallowing this revisionist bull. The rest of us know the reality.

Apparently, you skipped school during the history lesson. It is not revisionist. It is an accurate description of serfdom which eventually morphed into mercantilism and trade guilds and eventually we ended up with entrepreneurship and capitalism. Capitalism is the great equaliser. It allows the low born to rise up through society and become part of the ruling class. Some of the "old money" rich want to see a return to serfdom and that is why they are systematically trying to destroy the middle class to prevent the lower classes from having an avenue to escape poverty. They want to stay rich themselves but keep any more people from pulling themselves out of the muck of poverty.

Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1, Insightful) 444

You realize that you have no freedom, right?

You are right, we used to have freedom until you nanny state lefties decided what we can eat, watch, drive, build and fly on our own property. California is the worst for over regulation.

You give 40+ hours of your week away to corporate bosses, just so you can feed yourself.

37.5 hours on average. I can more than feed myself. I can travel to exotic places, stay at 5 star resorts, buy my fiancee a nice diamond solitaire engagement ring and support numerous charities and ministries.

That's called slavery.

No, it is called a job or a career.

Getting a handout and not needing to slave at a job would GIVE YOU MORE FREEDOM.

No, it would indenture me to be a slave of the state by requiring me to hand over more of my money. Someone has to work to produce. We cannot all be welfare bums.

It astounds me that you right-wingers have been brainwashed so hard you're basically stockholm'd zombie slaves to capitalism.

Yeah, sorry but I have a nice 6 figure salary, 5 weeks of vacation and a nice benefits package. I do sometimes work overtime but rarely.

Comment Re:Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 1) 336

White Privilege right there. Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton, the finest examples there are.

Don't forget that the Clinton's belong to a "whites only" country club for years and that Bill Clinton loves the Confederate flag. He even used it as part of his campaign logo for governor I believe.

Comment Re:Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 2, Informative) 336

You've gone insane from wingnut propaganda. People call the toxic Conservatives bigots and racists because of the bigoted and racist things they say and do. It's a dead-end subculture that destroyed the Republican party.

Funny, I thought Bill Clinton was a Democrat. He was a member of a "whites only" country club and he was proud of the confederate flag even using it as part of his campaign logos and making a speech about how much he loved that flag. I thought it was the Republican party that ended slavery and ended segregation in the schools of the south and state democrats were the ones that opposed it. I thought Democrats in the US senate and House voted against early legislation to end segregation and extend rights to non-whites. I thought that Republicans could not get elected in the south because they advocated for equality for the black and the whites there voted Democrat because of that.

The democrats were on the losing side of the civil war. Go brush up on your history. You have been fooled.

Comment Re:tax the rich (Score 1) 1127

the rich don't have to pay for the common infra and yet they benefit from it. I say force it from them. make taxes truly work for us all. its not a hard concept to grasp.

Wow. You have no clue how the world works. It is the poor that do not pay for the common infrastructure but they benefit from it. Who do you think pays property taxes to the municipal government? Rich landowners pay for local schools whether they have children or and and whether they have them in public schools or not. People who pay rent are not paying toward local schools other than from State income taxes possibly and the lower the income, the more likely that they are paying little to no taxes. The middle class tends to pay the most taxes.

Comment Re:#BlackLivesMatter (Score 3, Insightful) 983

The hashtag against racist violence is to protest the violence, not to inspire it, but the racist-right can't handle the idea of black people having the same rights as the rest of us do, so they'll pretend that a murderous nut is the fault of Black Lives Matter, even though he was shooting at BLM protesters in addition to the police.

Racist right? Like Stalin? Like the national socialists? You keep on talking about the "right" but libertarians are "right" and are all about individualism to an extreme rather than collectivism and centralised control.

Comment Re:End of Great Britain? (Score 1) 1592

I would encourage you to consider Gary Johnson. The Johnson/Weld ticket actually has some experience governing that includes balancing budgets. FWIW, Johnson's a way more successful businessman than Trump.

So you want them to throw their vote away and ensure a Clinton presidency? Do you even understand how the election works?

Comment Re:Finally? (Score 1) 76

You've been able to do this for ages in Windows 10 for Phones:

1. Settings 2. Devices 3. NFC 4. Tap to pay

It defaults to adding the cost to your phone bill, but you can add additional cards and payment method management apps as well.

I've been buying stuff using a linked card for 6 months now.

This just sounds like MS are adding an easier management system to it all and thats whats been noticed.

Cool. So I guess it is kind of nice to be able to have the entire userbase of windows 10 phone have a meetup at a local Starbucks. ;) Did you ask the other guy what he thinks of the feature?

Comment Re: Windows Phones... Do they sell them? (Score 1) 76

The tile interface is the main reason I use the Windows Phone. The interface on Android and Apple look like my grandfather's Windows 95 desktop. Tons of unrelated icons on a grid? Really? You think that's really better than the customizable tiles?

You can group icons under folders on both iOS and Android. I have both Android and iOS devices. Tiles on windows phone remind me of AOL or Compuserve from the 80's.

Comment Re: ditto (Score 1) 167

Yea because a son and his father use the same Facebook account or even the same computer. Makes sense.

No but Facebook would be aware of what you searched on facebook and what your friends search on, liked or shared. I had a lot of ads for wedding stuff long before I proposed and changed my status from single to engaged because friends and friends of friends were either getting married or engaged. The ads you see are not just based on your activity but also the activity of your "social network".

Comment Re:Clearly... (Score 1) 172

A Guide to White Privilege For White People Who Think They’ve Never Had Any http://www.huffingtonpost.com/...

Sorry but
1. It is from the the Huffingtonpost

2. It is essentially a book review from a biased author.

3. White privilege implies that it is something bestowed on someone by other people. If you want to treat people equally then stop separating people based on ethnicity.

4. I am not an American. I am a Canadian and a first generation immigrant who happens to be "white" but I experienced discrimination from the "English" when I was in my early grades in school. I also did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. My parents worked hard for what we had.

Basically, this white privilege stuff is an American invention. You guys need to get out of the 18th century already.

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