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Submission + - Web-based collaboration tool for non-software projects?

An anonymous reader writes: My buddies and I would like to work on a complex robotics hobby project (we estimate work will be about a year, it involves mechanics, electronics and software). We need a way share documentation (wiki-style), maintain a project plan (there will be hundreds of tasks and having a hierarchical view and task owners is very useful) and have comments for tasks like a bug tracker. I know there are tools such as Huddle or Basecamp, but am not familiar with them (I'm a mechanical engineer). We are 5 people now, maybe more in the future. Free is best, low-cost is acceptable if the tool is good and saves us pain. We'd rather use a service than installing software that we have to maintain ourselves, we have days jobs and we'd like the time spent with the support tools (patches, hosting, backup and so on) to be minimal. Guidance from slashdotters is appreciated.

Submission + - Ayatollah's Granddaughter Bypasses Censors to Join Facebook and Criticize Iran (

An anonymous reader writes: Censorship doesn't work too well in Iran since millions of people use VPNs, including Ayatollah Khomeini's own granddaughter, who has 5,000 Facebook friends and says Iran "should stop fearing the transfer of new communications technology."

Submission + - Mitsubishi Drops Bulky DLP TVs: End of an Era

An anonymous reader writes: Mitsubishi was the last hold-out in the big-screen rear-projection display business after Samsung left the category in 2009. Now Mitsubishi has dropped the dinosaur. Every big-brand CE manufacturer got their start in the big-TV business via rear projection sets from CRT to DLP to LCoS, eventually replacing them with modern-day flat screens. Mitsubishi did develop LCD flat-screens for a time, but dropped out of that market to focus on rear DLPs after Samsung gave it a monopoly. The author, a CE editor, takes a nostalgic and amusing look at her 15 years with three Mitsu rear pros, the only big-screen TV she’s known.

Submission + - Raspberry Pi's $25 Model A Hits Production Line (

hypnosec writes: The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced that the cheaper variant of the Raspberry Pi – Model A, has entered production phase. Model A of the credit-card sized computer has been stripped off its Ethernet port and a USB port thus leaving just one USB port. This model comes with 256MB RAM but, as it is less complex compared to its predecessor it will consume lesser power thus opening up quite a few new usage scenarios. The Foundation has posted the first image of the $25 Model A on its site and noted “We’re anticipating that those of you who buy the Model A will be using it for different applications from Model B owners.”

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