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Comment Re:Particular Taps, Not Entire Program (Score 1) 136

So, I can vote for the guy who supports this and has an R after his name, the guy who supports this and has a D after his name, or the guy with an I after his name who probably won't win and even if he does, won't get anything at all accomplished unless he abstains from this issue?

The 3rd choice might eventually do some good, but it's damned near doing nothing.

Comment It's sad to think someone modded this troll (Score 0, Offtopic) 464

I made a real point about a dishonest poster, and someone thought is was necessary to attempt to censor me.

Well, when he claimed that "taking someone's education away and forcing them to be blue collar" when preventing student from getting student loans, I have to say I was insulted.

And rightly so I think. My education involved no student loans. I suspect there is a significant amount of the audience that is in the same boat.

So, again, when I saw him claiming something that many of the readers know to be false, and then to see it so highly moderated when his central point is just wrong, I was again insulted.

So, I spoke, and apparently, someone thought it was a "troll". Well, my point was valid, so that's not it. Was it the language?

Well, adults speak here. Sometimes, when confronting others who are engaging in dishonesty, we say things with sharp points on them. Modding someone down for that is a misuse of your points and you should be ashamed.

In short, I said something that is 100% correct, in a tone that expressed my appropriate distaste for a case of misrepresentation, and you felt it was necessary to, what, punish me? Pretend you're my mom and chastise me for naughty language?


There's a REAL point here, that your ham handed moderation ignores.


Which OP presumes is not possible when he incorrectly claims "taking someone's education away and forcing them to be blue collar" is the result of not having student loans.

He was wrong.

And so was your moderation, and your attempt to censor me.

Comment Re:Same with newscientist (Score 2, Insightful) 736

No, they're biased in precisely the way scientists should be biased - they've studied the data, drawn conclusions based on this data, and they're passionately arguing for these conclusions in the public sphere. Science isn't some kind of abstract, isolated ratiocination, it's a collective process carried out by a huge number of diverse individual human beings, and the CRU scientists are playing precisely the role they should in this process.

Nonsense. They aren't just arguing for an interpretation, they're manipulating data in unknown ways (admittedly you have to do so in order to aggregate it as they have to), blocking rival research from peer-reviewed journals, refusing to reveal their data, methods, and programs, and generally acting in a way that doesn't allow others to second guess their work. My view is that at this point, if we go the route of some sort of game where the science doesn't matter, then it's everyone for themselves.

Comment Re:buy compatible cartridges (Score 1) 970

I used to have color inkjets, and on the rare occasion I need something printed in color, I'm happy to pay per page. The cost of keeping an inkjet's carts in working order for as little as I (and several others I know) has long since outstripped the per-page cost at print shops.

I print a few pages in B&W (I have a monochrome network laser) and I love being able to run off copies of my resume or whatnot when I need to... but Kinko's is open 24hrs, and the two times a year I need color printed, I can go the 1.5 miles.

Of course, YMMV. But personally, I don't really see the need anymore.

Comment Not A Shock (Score 1) 410

Usually development follows demand. Since the numbers of people wanting to use multiple monitors with the options is quite small it is no shock that little work is done in that area. If it were for a commercial OS such as Windows think of how much each buyer might be asked to pay for such a program.

Journal Journal: Firehose Interaction: Missing One Thing 2

It would be nice if a firehose submission would automatically minimize after a vote is placed.

Hopefully this shows up in the firehose. But, it is not meant to be a story!
I like the new feel, its just missing that one little touch.

I tend to expand a submission, read the content, place my vote, then minimize the submission before moving on to the next one.

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