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Submission + - Javascript for webdesigners in 2007

produke writes: "My favorite Javascript 2007

This is an article about all of my favorite unobtrusive javascript code and javascript examples that I use while building best-practices web sites. If you are even a remotely talented webdesigner who utilizes javascript, you will love this article!"

Submission + - A sneek preview of the expected features in KDE 4

An anonymous reader writes: In recent times, a lot of discussion has been generated about the state of KDE version 4.0 and as Linux users we are ever inquisitive about what the final user experience is going to be. This article throws light on some of the features that we can look forward to when KDE 4.0 is finally released some time this year. The article indicates that the most exciting fact about KDE 4.0 is going to be that it is developed using the Qt 4.0 library. This is significant because Qt 4.0 is released under a GPL license even for non-Unix platforms. So this clears the ideological path for KDE 4.0 to be ported to Windows and other non-unix/X11 platforms.

Submission + - University Servers Hosting Spam Ads

John Herron writes: "What do Purdue University, Cornell U, Iowas State U, Texas Tech U, Kansas State U, (etc) have in common? Hint, it has nothing to do with education or sports. They're all advertising Viagra for sell online and don't know it. Orphaned applications on university servers are being used by spammers to host ads and mask their activities. Besides Viagra the ads are also pushing porn, some of it illegal."

Which Text-Based UI Do You Code With? 211

JHWH asks: "I've been asked to design and implement a management software system with text based user interface as the replacement of an older one running on AS/400. Despite my attempts towards a web UI, the customer is actually willing to have a text based UI. The main reasons are the need for a very low bandwidth and the ability to run on serial terminals. All this in the 21st century! Host systems will be Linux, the language will be C or C++. I already thought about the use of text based browsers like lynx or links. So now I have to wipe the dust away from my ncurses manual, or can Slashdot suggest something more effective?"
User Journal

Journal Journal: Pay the Fine and Get on with your Life.

I've gone after a lot of people for a lot of different reasons lately. Of course, most of that is just normal Slashdot, but this is a little different. It's kind of personal.

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Journal Journal: Understanding America 8

You can't really understand America (and Americans) until you understand the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.


I don't mean merely just the 30 seconds of actual gunfighting itself, but the personalities and their motivations and why and how the gunfight even came to happen in the first place. The actual gunfight itself is very nearly irrelevant actually, except as a reason to understand everything that lead up to it.


Submission + - Open-Source VoIP hits another milestone.

Rob from RPI writes: "The guys over at Trixbox have just released version 2.0. Trixbox is a Linux ISO (Based on CentOS, a FOSS repackage of RHEL) that includes the Open-Source Asterisk, a VoIP PBX that runs on Linux, FreePBX, the web-based, open source GUI configuration tool for it, and a pile of other stuff that may be useful for a PBX. Trixbox is along similar lines to the other Live-ish CD's, where they just install a complete working system to your hard drive. Unfortunately, they just managed to miss out on the release of freePBX 2.2, which I released about 48 hours too late, but they're using 2.2.0rc3 which has very few changes to 2.2.0-release. Trixbox (and it's previous incarnation, Asterisk@Home) has had more than 200,000 downloads since it's inception, and is by far the most popular FOSS PBX around."

Submission + - New Content and Mapping Patents from Google

PatPending writes: Google was granted new patents this week on a methods for estimating similarity between web pages and documents which may help to filter duplicate content, and upon a digital mapping system which appears to be the foundation for Google Maps, and has a number of related map-based patent applications in its wake.
United States

Submission + - New H-1B Fight Looms

jcatcw writes: Computerworld reports that, with Democrats now in charge, anti-offshoring legislation efforts could find new life, with H-1B visas likely to be the main focal point of debate. Last year the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reached the 65,000 cap on H1-B visas in less than two months after it began accepting applications. It's almost certain that Congress will see legislation this year that would raise the cap.

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