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Submission + - Ma Bell Is Calling Big Brother 2

GeekAlert writes: Well, the Fairpoint purchase of Verizon assets is nearly complete in NH. It's at the laughable NH PUC for final review/approval. PREDICTION: Verizon keeps fiber backbone assets and cellular and merges them with AT&T creating Ma Bell all over again (no surprises here I'm sure). Expect to rent phones and share party lines in the near future. BONUS PREDICTION: The reason AT&T/Verizon will give for merger and to allow AT&T to have a monopoly in the states .. "to compete with other global Telecoms/Telcos in the New World Economy". Note too that AT&T will be a willing (and immune) participant in NSA spying. Note also that it will be in the interest of "National Security" that all these remaining infrastructure resources (read countries building their own fiber to escape our "big brother" mentality) fall under one large house to make coordination with the DHS all the easier. A big thank you also goes out to West Virginia. I'm sure the DHS has recorded this post. Hey NSA .. while you have my info on hand .. can you extradite me to the EU?

Submission + - Bank of America Online Banking offline (

An anonymous reader writes: Users have been unable to login to Bank of America's Online Banking for most of the day. By my count, we are on the 5th or 6th hour. Earlier in the day, was not responding at all (and login attempts just hung forever), and now attempts to login are presented with "We are currently experiencing an Online Banking service interruption. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to restore your service as quickly as possible." I was told by BofA Online Banking Customer Support that BofA is in the middle of an "emergency upgrade" that they expected to last two hours — that was much more than two hours ago. If BofA has been owned in some way, do you think customers will be told the truth?

Feed Techdirt: Orbitz IPO Greeted With A Yawn (

Throughout its relatively short history, online travel site Orbitz has undergone quite a number of ownership changes. Last year, Orbitz' parent company was bought out by private equity firm Blackstone, which promptly decided to flip it back to the public markets. When it first filed to go public, there were many who argued that the company looked like a terrible investment for both operational and structural reasons. It looks like the market agrees with that assessment, as the IPO ended up pricing below its expected range. Private equity firms aren't infallible, and sometimes they're bound to buy companies that they can't turn into very much. But as more of these unimpressive offerings come to market, there's going to be increased skepticism over whether these firms can apply their magic touch to the tech industry.

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