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Submission + - Transitioning from "hacker"(positive sense) to "en

antifoidulus writes: So I'm about to get my masters in CS and start out (again) in the "real world", I already have a job lined up, but there is one thing that is really nagging me. Since my academic work has focused almost solely on computer science and not software engineering per se, I'm really still a "hacker", meaning I take a problem, sketch together a rough solution using the appropriate Computer Science algorithms, and then code something up(using a lot of prints to debug), do some basic testing and go with it.... Obviously something that works quite well in the academic environment but not in the "real world" obviously. Even at my previous job, which was sort of a jack-of-all-trades(sysadmin, security, support, and programming) the testing procedures were not particularly rigorous and as a result I don't think I'm really mature as an "engineer"

So my question to the community is how do you make the transition from hacker(in the positive sense) to a real engineer. Obviously the "Mythical Man Month" on the reading list, but anything else? How do you get out of the "hacker" mindset?

Submission + - Are there any scientifically-verified ways to impr

antifoidulus writes: So after missing the date of a lifetime due to a killer cold(doesn't help that the country I live in bans Nyquil), I have become interested in ways to potentially "boost" my immune system, but most of what is out there seems like pseudo-science at best. Are there any actual ways to boost the immune system that have been published and peer-reviewed out there? Has anyone actually had any success using these methods? Or should I just give up and try smuggling some Nyquil into the country :P

Submission + - How "clean" do GPL-BSD translations have to be?

antifoidulus writes: "There is a (relatively) simple library that I would like to convert from C++ to C, and then incorporate into a BSD licensed project I am working on.

Am I allowed to look at the GPL code, convert it, then release the result as BSD? Or do I have to go more "clean room" and totally re-implement the algorithm without looking at the GPL code.

Yes I know the standard "get a lawyer" answer, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this."

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