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Comment Re:I use them quite a lot (Score 1) 266

In that case Google better put them into the API. These functions clearly are available under Firefox, I'm using an add-on that puts them (among many more, e.g. Close Left Tabs, Mute Tab, Duplicate Tab and so on) into the context menu, it's called Tab Mix Plus. I use these functions all the time and have no idea why Google would want to cripple Chrome even more.

Comment Re:s7 edge (Score 1) 223

Yeah, who copies whose designs again? The only way Apple could be innovative with edge screens would be if they wrapped around to the back (maybe just for one or two millimetres for face-down signaling, maybe all the way around like some of their patents made it look like). Even then, it would build upon and heavily depend on Samsung's technological achievements (remember how long it took them to get the crafting process of the Edge screens right?).

Comment Re:Then why get a console? (Score 5, Insightful) 214

It obviously doesn't occur to them that lots of former PC gamers turned to consoles specifically to get away from yearly hardware upgrades. This is a very anti-console move by Microsoft, indeed.

It might be good news for Sony, at least in the short term, but I'm afraid it's bad news for most console gamers.

Comment Re:I Love them both (Score 1) 200

I have a Yotaphone 2 and yes, a 7 inch or 8 inch version of that might solve all my remaining problems (no more juggling with e-Readers and tablets depending on the type of content, copying excerpts from ebooks into a word processor and so on, not to forget reading Slashdot comments on e-Ink). Yotaphone is capable of doing those things, of course, but you can hardly beat better screen size.

Comment Re:Amazon App tablets let you app apps! (Score 2) 200

I recently purchased one and it's great. I still prefer my Sony Reader for reading on the train and my 8" tablet for PDFs, but then I've only just begun to explore what the Yotaphone can do.

What it already does better than the Sony: it lets me read RSS feeds on e-Ink, and when I stumble upon multi-coloured graphics or photos in an EPUB, I can just flip it over and look at that on the OLED screen. Perfect!

It needs a lot more developers' love, though, because you do need specialized apps for displaying web content. The built in browser (Chrome and Firefox do the same, FWIW) just mirrors websites onto the e-Ink display, which makes them display all grayscale and washed out, just like the browser on the Sony Reader does. I'm still looking for a convenient way to read slashdot comments on e-Ink.

Comment Re:How do I hide this Apple Advertisement? (Score 1) 508

"Hey Siri, call [enter expensive service number]", or "Hey Siri, stop taking this video and delete it", or "Hey Siri, switch to front camera", or, finally, "Hey Siri, shut down immediately / go to sleep / do a full wipe and factory reset."

Oh, the possible fun at the office...

Disclaimer: I'm perfectly aware that most of this stuff won't work, probably, as the developers won't be that stupid. On the other hand: imagine the mayhem shortly after songwriters start putting those lines into radio friendly songs.

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