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The Internet

Submission + - How WikiLeaks Survived .. and Flourished (

Barlaam writes: How has WikiLeaks managed not only to avoid takedown, but diversify its hosting to the point of virtual unstoppability? Renesys takes a look at the DNS mappings, routed IP prefixes, and service providers (and countries) that keep WikiLeaks on the air.

From the article:
"It's apparent that search and social infrastructure (Google and Twitter) now play a key role in re-spawning content that gets blocked in any one place, and drawing even more attention to the surviving copies. If suppressed content automatically goes viral, the Internet's construction basically guarantees that that content will have a home for the rest of time. If you attack DNS support, people will tweet raw IP addresses. If you take down the BGP routes to web content, people will put up more mirrors, or switch to overlay networks to distribute the data. You can't burn down the Library of Alexandria any more— it will respawn in someone's basement in Stockholm, or Denver, or Beijing."

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