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Journal Journal: Another annoying Mac vs. Windows war.

This journal was inspired by a particular Mac troll, so it's got some pro-windows bias to it. I would mention Linux (which MAC OS X is not, DARWIN IS NOT LINUX), but it would kill Windows in ways Mac OS X doesn't, and that's not what i'm trying to do. Anyways, enjoy.

Which operating system had built-in file system encryption first? Windows XP Pro.

Which operating system had built-in ZIP support?
Windows ME (ugh), XP.

Who supported "transparent" windows first?
Feature seen in Windows 2k for layered windows.

Which system is software generally released first for?
Microsoft Windows.

But doesn't Micro$oft Winblow$ run on BIOS made 20 years ago?
The BIOS of today is backward compatible in some ways, but has been continously updated over the years. Hence, why you can boot from those USB keydrives on newer systems. By the way, have you seen any computers recently that support the ENTER BASIC interrupt?

But Safari passes the Acid 2 test!
That's great, but does Firefox or MSIE? Safari isn't much of the web population, and web designers are going to design for the most popular and well supported browsers. It's a good technical achievement, i'll give you that much.

But with Windows, you'll get spyware and viruses that run in your system tray!
First off, programs don't run in the system tray. They register an icon there. Secondly, I don't have either of those on my system at the moment. I'll admit, spyware and malware are big problems on Windows. I really am hoping the guys/gals at Microsoft are finally taking these problems seriously with Vista (interested in this IE-in-a-sandbox concept's implementation).

But Mac OS X is for getting REAL WORK done, and Windows is just for stupid games!
Yes... That's why businesses only run Mac OS X. OH WAIT... By the way, how's that MySQL server performing on your pre-intel system (you know, back when the Mac trolls were screaming how much the x86 architecture sucks)? Hah.

Apple once again innovated where PCs stagnated by introducing the Mighty Mouse!
Wrong. Apple introduced an annoying piece of hardware (opinion, of course) that in a way functions like those pads on a laptop do. Not interested in an over-priced mouse, next.

But Microsoft never innovates! Even the start menu is just a rip-off of the finder menu.
I would make some rude comments about finder's suckiness, but that's too easy. The start menu and taskbar are considerably different than the crappy menu design for Macs.

Flame me to death. I'm asking for it, actually :).

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