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Submission + - Muslim clerics demand world adopts 'Mecca Time'

ringbarer writes: BBC News report that a cabal of Muslim scientists and clerics have convened in Qatar to state that Mecca is the true centre of the Earth, and global time should now be measured from this meridian.

Citing infallible geological evidence proving the longitude of the Saudi city is in perfect alignment with Magnetic North, prominent clerics have decreed the use of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as a fallacy:

"... the English had imposed GMT on the rest of the world by force when Britain was a big colonial power, and it was about time that changed."

Submission + - Male Video Game Addiction Is Neural (

Dave Knott writes: "According a new study in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, Stanford researchers have found that men are more rewarded by video games than women on a neural level. Participants were hooked up to an MRI machine and activity was measured in the brain's mesocorticolimbic centre, the region typically associated with reward and addiction. From the article: "Researchers discovered that, when playing video games, the part of the brain that generates feelings of reward is more stimulated in men than in women. That helps explain why they're more likely to get hooked.""

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