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Submission + - Soon the World is going to experience the Rapture. (

reewee33 writes: "Soon the World is going to experience the Rapture, as its ushered on the doorstep of humanity. In a moment, in the Twinkling of an Eye, the "Rapture" will be an Earthly fact of Living Reality. In fact, if you are unsaved or unprepared for His glorious appearing to Rapture the Saints and you ignore this warning, that in itself is very dangerous. One of the saddest days in human history will be the day following the Rapture of the Saints of God. Once it sinks into the minds of a multiplied number of "Left Behind" individuals that Jesus Christ has literally come to get the Born Again (New Creatures)and gone back to Heaven, it will be a traumatic moment of heartbreak and regrets, For those Left Behind. Watch the Left Behind Movie: Don't Be Left Behind!"
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Journal Journal: The Revenge of the GNAA

Greetings! I bring great news to the troubled ears of /.ers everywhere. You're salvation has arrived! No longer shall you rot in the hell that The Evil One, Taco, has imprisoned you in. I proclaim that there is no GOD but TIMECOP and I, the grandayatrollah, am his prophet. THE GNAA HAS RISEN!! Stand with me and fight the zionists. Fight the real flame warriors who defile the noble tradition of trolling. Fight anyone who is not

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