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Journal Journal: Goodbye, Heidi - 1999 - March 25th, 2008. 44

My friend is gone.

When I came into the house a few minutes ago, for a few seconds I saw her waiting for me.

But she wasn't. She's gone.

The bed she warmed for the last 5 years will not be the same tonight. She's gone.

For only the second time in 5 years, she won't be interrupting my sleep by moving around. She's gone.

She won't try to make me put down the book I'm reading to pay attention to her.


Submission + - OLPC Delivered Today (

ahem writes: "I just got my OLPC order today. I'm going to unpack and take a look after the girls go to bed. More news after I've taken a look."

Submission + - Asteroid to hit Mars ?

mbone writes: "Apparently the Near Earth Object (NEO) program has found an asteroid that may impact Mars on January 30th. The current probability is one in 75, which is pretty high a month out. Estimated energy release if it does impact Mars is in the multiple megaton range.

If it does hit Mars, then we should have quite a show, with all of the spacecraft orbiting and landed on the planet. Of course, it is possible that this is an old, failed, spacecraft from decades ago, which would also be interesting, if not as spectacular."

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