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Lost In the Cloud 121

Colonel Korn writes "Harvard Law professor Jonathan Zittrain suggests in an Op-Ed piece that the seemingly inevitable move toward the often locked-down cloud is stifling innovation and threatening our privacy: '... many software developers who once would have been writing whatever they wanted for PCs are simply developing less adventurous, less subversive, less game-changing code under the watchful eyes of Facebook and Apple. If the market settles into a handful of gated cloud communities whose proprietors control the availability of new code, the time may come to ensure that their platforms do not discriminate. Such a demand could take many forms, from an outright regulatory requirement to a more subtle set of incentives — tax breaks or liability relief — that nudge companies to maintain the kind of openness that earlier allowed them a level playing field on which they could lure users from competing, mighty incumbents. We've only just begun to measure this problem, even as we fly directly into the cloud. That's not a reason to turn around. But we must make sure the cloud does not hinder the creation of revolutionary software that, like the Web itself, can seem esoteric at first but utterly necessary later.'"

Comment Re:Imagine buying one of those... (Score 1) 378

The body work is different, but the interior is clearly still related to the Lotus Elise. The cowling over the speedometer, and the air vents in the dash are leather coated versions of what I have in my car. It kinda looks like they still don't have a glove box or cup holder... just like the Elise.

Submission + - MySQL Falcon Photo-op Goof

anonymous coward 2.0 writes: MySQL is working on a new storage engine, code named "Falcon", and that may turn out to be a good thing. For publicity they gave a donation to the German Raptor Research Centre which is definitely a good thing. Unfortunately, the photo they chose to show the creator of the falcon engine with a falcon was a poor choice. I'm sure the folks who chose the code name were thinking of the fast areal hunters, that are masters of the sky all over the world (the genus Falco), or perhaps the small, fast lightweight Falconets (genus Microhierax). One really doubts they were thinking of a sluggish carrion feeding bird found only in the SW US, Mexico and South America (genus Polyborus>/i>). Yet that is what Jim Starkey, inventor of the falcon engine is holding on his hand. I love MySQL and use it happily, but this is a rather amusing PR goof. Here's another very nice photo of the same bird.
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone/iTunes 7.3.2 Requires MS Outlook for PC (

Anonymous Coward 2.0 writes: I got an iPhone and was reasonably happy. There has only been one major issue... on the PC platform, the only program to sync calendars to is a full version of Outlook (Express won't do). That was annoying and represented a $65 hidden cost (under my company's MS Employee purchase plan). I get paid fairly well so I just shelled it out. But now with the new iTunes Apple has made it mandatory that MS Outlook be the default mail client!

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