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Submission + - Which Eclipse Plug-Ins Do You Use? (dynamicalsoftware.com)

anomalous cohort writes: I'm sure that the /. devs already know about the Eclipse IDE which is most noted for its rich variety of plug-ins but which plug-ins are the best? The Eclipse Marketplace currently lists 887 tools. I assure you that any instance of Eclipse with all of those plug-ins installed would take a very long time to load. So, my question to those coders who use Eclipse is this. What is your short list of "must have" plug-ins?

Submission + - Latest Ubuntu LTS Out of Beta (ubuntu.com)

anomalous cohort writes: It looks like Ubuntu's latest LTS (Long Term Support) release is ready for GA (General Availability). Has anyone here tried it out? What is the current /. consensus on all things Ubuntu?

Submission + - SPAM: Enterprise Collaboration Architecture 1

anomalous cohort writes: This question is for software, solutions, or enterprise architects. What are your biggest concerns about deploying an enterprise collaboration initiative? I will be giving a talk on this subject on March 11 and I want to make sure that I am addressing real-world concerns.
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