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Submission + - Anonymous Organizes Global Protests for WikiLeaks (

pafein writes: Internet collective Anonymous launched a global protest for January 15 in support of beleaguered WikiLeaks. Anonymous has a history of defending Internet freedom, beginning with Project Chanology against the Church of Scientology. The group gained recent attention for itself with DDOS attacks on Mastercard, Visa, Paypal and the government of Tunisia.

Submission + - FreeBSD Running On PS3

An anonymous reader writes: One week after Sony's PlayStation 3 private cryptography key was obtained, FreeBSD is up and running on the PS3. There are still a few problems and rough edges, but they should be ironed out when FreeBSD 9.0 is released:

      Nathan Whitehorn writes:
          "Yesterday, I imported support for the Sony Playstation 3 into our 64-bit PowerPC port, expanding our game console support into the current generation.
            There are still a few rough edges due to missing hardware support, but the machine boots and runs FreeBSD stably. These rough edges should be
            smoothed out in time for the 9.0 release."

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Submission + - Intel to integrate DirectX 11 in Ivy Bridge chips (

angry tapir writes: "Intel will integrate DirectX 11 graphics technology in its next generation of laptop and desktop chips based on the Ivy Bridge architecture, a company executive has revealed at CES. AMD has already implemented DirectX 11 in its Fusion low-power chips. Intel expects to start shipping Ivy Bridge chips with DirectX 11 support to PC makers late this year. Ivy Bridge will succeed the recently announced Core i3, i5 and i7 chips, which are based on Intel's Sandy Bridge microarchitecture."
The Internet

Rights Groups Slam UK Government for RIPA changes 43

tenori writes "Want to intercept internet traffic but have a pesky public consultation to get out of the way? Just keep the consultation period as short as you can get away with and exclude the people it affects. Rights groups are questioning why the coalition government has only allowed a month for changes to the RIPA act. The Home Office continues to refuse to meet civil society groups, saying, 'We are focusing on those parties directly affected by the changes to the extent that those parties would be subject to the civil sanction or directly concerned with it, or are directly responsible, where lawful interception is taking place, for ensuring that consent has been obtained to the interception.' The ORG said, 'In other words, the many thousands of people who have been adversely affected by illegal interception, and those who seek to stand up for their rights, are not "directly concerned" according to the Home Office.'"

Submission + - Help Make HP Give a Full $50,000 to DonorsChoose (

An anonymous reader writes: Hewlett-Packard is matching donations up to a $50,000 total as part of the Science Bloggers For Students fundraising drive running Oct 10 — Nov 9 at DonorsChoose, the online charity supporting cash-strapped classrooms across the U.S. But maybe HP won't have to part with the whole $50,000. It's two days before the end, and donations stand at a mere $33,604.

This means that anybody springing into action right now to help a classroom through the Science Bloggers drive has an opportunity to do twice as much good as they usually could.

Here's a link to Excellent Projects Soon to EXPIRE, a DonorsChoose Giving Page that's part of the drive:

Excellent Projects Soon to EXPIRE features requests with high educational value — for paper; pencils; books; bookcases; math, science, & literacy supplies; tables; whiteboards; markers; gardening equipment... It does not include requests for merely nice-to-have items (like video cameras for kindergarteners, for example). Schools around the country are in a bad financial situation, and some rely heavily on DonorsChoose for even the most basic supplies. The link above presents projects in a format fully searchable by state, cost, school subject, etc. All these projects are running out of time to get funded, having struggled for notice for up to 5 months among tens of thousands of other DonorsChoose requests. This is their last chance — they will help kids if funded, and they deserve a look.

DonorsChoose projects always expire at midnight ET; on the final day, add 5 to the listed number of hours left to get the true time remaining. If a project expires, it's simple for donors to apply returned donations to other projects of their choice. And if enough people jump in to help an expiring project, it won't expire!

100% of your donation to a DonorsChoose classroom goes to that classroom; you also have the option of contributing to DonorsChoose administrative costs if you so desire. The science bloggers do not benefit in any way except for the satisfaction of helping kids succeed. Please help if you can. And remember — through Nov 9, your donation will be doubled.


Submission + - Is Amazon Misrepresenting eBook Sales?

destinyland writes: The Motley Fool challenges Amazon's claim that their ebook sales "continue to overtake" the sale of printed books. Amazon announced that in October their ebooks outsold print books for all titles in the top 1,000, but critics point out that's comparing ebooks only to the most expensive, hardcover-only new print books. (In July, one analyst calculated that actually Amazon still sells twice as many printed paperbacks as they do ebooks.) The Motley Fool argues that Amazon "appears to be trying to mislead you," noting their press releases "lack the details you really need to know before drawing your own conclusion." In September, MIT's technology blog cited reports that in fact, e-book sales "represent 'only six pecent of the total market for new books.' "

Submission + - SPAM: Achronix Semiconductor Corp.: Now With Intel Insid

vrmediasg writes: Intel's fabrication plants are built only to manufacture its own chips, right? Turns out that the chip giant may have had a change of heart after all. In a move no one would have ever expected, Intel has announced that they will be opening access to its 22nm fabrication process to a small, private c
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Submission + - Breakthrough portends cure for the common cold ( 1

breadboy21 writes: Scientists have been able to show for the first time that the body's immune defences can destroy the common cold virus after it has actually invaded the inner sanctum of a human cell, a feat that was believed until now to be impossible.

The discovery opens the door to the development of a new class of antiviral drugs that work by enhancing this natural virus-killing machinery of the cell. Scientists believe the first clinical trials of new drugs based on the findings could begin within two to five years.

Submission + - Canadian Parliament Reintroduce ISP Intercept Bill (

Hottie Parms writes: From CBC: The Canadian federal Conservatives have reintroduced legislation that would allow police and intelligence officials to intercept online communications and get personal information from internet service providers (ISPs) about their subscribers without first obtaining a warrant.

This is the fourth time this type of legislation has been introduced. It has yet to pass but this could change with the recent changes in composition in the Canadian Senate.


Submission + - Google offers more enterprise controls for Android (

BcNexus writes: It seems that Google is trying to get Android powered mobile devices into the corporate workplace, but not the way some might expect. While MS offers device encryption, remote wipe and password policies through their Exchange Active Sync protocol, Google hasn't licensed the technology. Instead, Google has announced that they're now offering similar controls through Google Apps. A Google Apps domain administrator can enable mobile policies such as "Remotely wipe all data from lost or stolen mobile devices", "Lock idle devices after a period of inactivity", "Require a device password on each phone", "Set minimum lengths for more secure passwords", and "Require passwords to include letters and numbers".
However, end-users have to install the Google Apps Device Policy application before their administrator can enforce polices. There doesn't seem to be a policy for device and storage card encryption in the list of policies.

Submission + - Kindle allowing Chinese unfettered access to Web? (

jcl-xen0n writes: "Apparently, some Chinese Kindle owners have discovered that they are able to access banned sites such as Twitter and Facebook without a problem. The article speculates that Amazon may be operating a local equivalent to Amazon Whispernet with a Chinese 3G provider. Professor Lawrence Yeung Kwan, of the University of Hong Kong's electrical and electronic engineering department, told the paper that mainland internet patrols might have overlooked the gadget (due to them considering it as solely a tool to purchase books). How long before Kindle traffic is locked down?"
User Journal

Journal Journal: Cherrypal now runs Android

The Cherrypal Asia laptop at is now shipping with Google Android installed. This replaces the older Cherrypal Asia mini laptops that were running Windows CE and Linux based. Both laptops run the ARM9-based VIA 8505 SoIC platform at 533 MHz with 256 megabytes of RAM and 2 gigabytes of NAND flash. The $148 version has a 1024x600 screen while the sub-$100 model runs 800x480. I'm looking forward to seeing how Android can squeeze more throughput out of the VIA 8505 si

Submission + - Virgin Media blocking Rapidshare and Megaupload? (

teh31337one writes: UK ISP Virgin Media may be blocking users from access to the Megaupload and Rapidshare sites. Details are scarce at the moment, and it is not clear if this is a temporary glitch, or if Virgin have indeed blocked the sites, but many people are complaining over on the Virgin Media forums. I myself being a Virgin Media customer, cannot at the moment access the Rapidshare or Megaupload websites.

Submission + - Beautifully Rendered Music Notation with HTML5 (

An anonymous reader writes: This is incredible. This guy has built a music notation engraver entirely in Javascript, allowing for real-time music editing right in the browser. Here's a demo: HTML5 Music Notation Demo. The library has no external dependencies, and all the glyphs, scores, beams, ties, etc. are positioned and rendered entirely in JavaScript.

Submission + - Teach kids to be Entrepreneurs not Lawyers (

derek392 writes: The main goal of college since were were in high school was to better ourselves. What if the only goal of college is to teach you to work for someone else? This video shows one mans story of how he was a slacker in school and how he became a successful entrepreneur.

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