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Submission + - Censoring Internet under the "anti-terror" banner (

An anonymous reader writes: The "anti-terrorism" meme is being used by more and more countries all over the world as an excuse to censor the Internet

Malaysia, a country in which racist-policies have been institutionalized, wants Facebook and Google to help it to censor the Internet

Malaysia's approach goes way beyond EU's "Right to Forget" directive at Google. For example, Malaysia wants Facebook to close accounts it (Malaysia) deemed "bad", and the definition of "bad" according to the Malaysian ruling regime includes "those offending racial and religious sensitivities "

At face value, "offending racial and religious sensitivities " in itself may not be controversial, but in the Malaysian context (Please keep in mind that Malaysia is the only country in the world where the minority races have being legally oppressed for the past 57 years) the word " sensitivities " include those who dare to criticize the ruling regime's racist practices

In other words, the "anti-terrorism" banner has been hijacked by more and more countries and banana republics such as Malaysia are using it to further their control over the people via despicable means

Some backgrounds: Malaysia has so far either shut down or blocked over 1,400 websites deemed "inappropriate" ( http://www.themalaysianinsider... ) and the regime which is ruling Malaysia has asked Facebook about the identity of people behind 197 accounts ( http://weehingthong.wordpress.... )

Submission + - Intel Core M Notebooks Arrive, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Tested (

MojoKid writes: Intel's 14nm Core M Broadwell architecture was announced a few months ago but to date, 2-in-1 hybrid devices and laptops have only trickled out to the market. Lenovo recently took the wraps off their Yoga 3 Pro 13-inch ultralight notebook and it's one of the few devices on the market right now that offers a glimpse of what Intel's Core M processor is capable of in performance and battery life testing. The 4.5 Watt TDP Core M 5Y70 actually keeps pace with 15 Watt previous generation Core i5 mobile chips in testing, but with significantly better battery life. It also enables very thin and light designs like the 2.6 pound Yoga 3 Pro, which is an interesting machine. Its watchband hinge allows it to contort into various positions for tablet, tent, stand and standard modes. The hinge is sort of a "you either love it or hate it" kind of thing but with its 3200X1800 IPS display, Intel's Core M on board and its wafer thin frame, the Yoga 3 Pro is definitely a bit more stand-out than most in the crowded notebook market.

Submission + - Researchers Discover an 'Off Switch' For Pain in the Brain ( 1

concertina226 writes: Scientists working together from several international universities have discovered that it is possible to block a pathway in the brain of animals suffering from neuropathic pain, which could have a huge impact on improving pain relief in humans.

So far, the most successful ways to treat chronic pain from a pharmacological point of view are to create drugs that that interact or interfere with various channels in the brain to decrease pain, including adrenergic, opioid and calcium receptors.

However, there is another way – a chemical stimulator called adenosine that binds to brain receptors to trigger a biological response.

Adenosine has shown potential for killing pain in humans, but so far, no one has managed to harness this pain pathway successfully without causing a myriad of side effects.

Led by Dr Daniela Salvemini of SLU, the researchers discovered that by activating the A3 adenosine receptor in the rodents' brains and spinal cords, the receptor was able to prevent or reverse pain from nerve damage (the cause of chronic pain).

Submission + - Renewables are now Scotland's biggest energy source 2

AmiMoJo writes: Government figures revealed that Scotland is now generating more power from "clean" technologies than nuclear, coal and gas. The combination of wind, solar and hydroelectric, along with less-publicised sources such as landfill gas and biomass, produced 10.3TWh in the first half of 2014. Over the same period, Scotland generated 7.8TWh from nuclear, 5.6TWh from coal and 1.4TWh from gas, according to figures supplied by National Grid. Renewable sources tend to fluctuate throughout the year, especially in Scotland where the weather is notoriously volatile, but in six-month chunks the country has consistently increased its renewable output.

Submission + - Zurker – The Future of Social Networking (

komkus writes: Zurker’s Background

In the beginning, nobody questioned the social networks. They were a great way of keeping in touch with friends and making new ones. Now, users are increasingly concerned about privacy, data ownership, censorship and changes made to increase revenue at the expense of user experience.
Zurker was formed to address these concerns by giving its users the chance to own, build and design their own social network.

What Makes Zurker Unique?

Member ownership results in principles that set Zurker apart from other social networks.

Democracy: Functions, features and upgrades are driven by what the users want, not by the need to make money.

Transparency: Users can see every cent of income and expenditure.

Privacy Guarantee: Only Zurker can guarantee that user data is safe. At Zurker, the members are the owners, which means they care about user (and their own) privacy.

Freedom of Speech: Zurker guarantees freedom of speech. There is no censorship on Zurker and no content will ever be deleted, edited or removed.

Fairness: Any future profits belong, not to a few entrepreneurs, but to all the member-owners that invest in, build and design Zurker.

Zurker Milestones

2011 December 1st — Zurker Alpha version launched in US, UK, India, Philippines and New Zealand.
December 30th — Zurker Canada and Australia released.

2012 January 22nd — Zurker moves from alpha to private beta.
February 29th — 10,000 Open Zurker Accounts.
May 8th — 100,000 Open Zurker Accounts.
May 11th — Zurker moves to a multi-server cloud architecture.
October 13th — 400,000 Open Zurker Accounts.

2013 March 18th — Zurker moves to public beta.

Zurker is currently in beta testing. One of the great things about Zurker is that you can own a stake in it. During the beta testing they are rewarding referrals with a generous incentives program. For every member to Zurker, you will receive vShares (a stake of ownership, or equity)

You will love the concept of transparency, and it’s a unique idea to have the opportunity to take ownership in a social network where you can establish a group of friends and customers, who have their own story.
Zurker is a social network that cares more about their NETWORK more than their bank account.
If you like Facebook you will really love Zurker without the loss of your privacy.
Join Zurker today, by accepting this zurker invite you will have no regrets.
This is going to be a great social network site.

Submission + - Amazon's Cloud Exodus? (

itwbennett writes: There are rumblings around this week's OpenStack conference that companies are moving away from AWS, ready to ditch their training wheels and build their own private clouds. Inbound marketing services company HubSpot is the latest to announce that it's shifting workloads off AWS, citing problems with 'zombie servers,' unused servers that the company was paying for. Others that are leaving point to 'business issues,' like tightening the reins on developers who turned to the cloud without permission.

4-Billion-Pixel Panorama View From Curiosity Rover 101

SternisheFan points out that there is a great new panorama made from shots from the Curiosity Rover. "Sweep your gaze around Gale Crater on Mars, where NASA's Curiosity rover is currently exploring, with this 4-billion-pixel panorama stitched together from 295 images. ...The entire image stretches 90,000 by 45,000 pixels and uses pictures taken by the rover's two MastCams. The best way to enjoy it is to go into fullscreen mode and slowly soak up the scenery — from the distant high edges of the crater to the enormous and looming Mount Sharp, the rover's eventual destination."

Comment Re:Of course it's without merit (Score 2) 471

I did not know that there is a second service provider that did allow you to log on to
Like to share its web address?

Probably you don't understand what a/the law is?

If the law allows you to use a pseudonyme online then the service provider has no right to define a term stating OTHERWISE! Because exactly that indeed VIOLATES the law. Thats how a damn law works!


Studies Say Ideology Trumps Facts 784

Anti-Globalism writes "We like to think that people will be well informed before making important decisions, such as who to vote for, but the truth is that's not always the case. Being uninformed is one thing, but having a population that's actively misinformed presents problems when it comes to participating in the national debate, or the democratic process. If the findings of some political scientists are right, attempting to correct misinformation might do nothing more than reinforce the false belief."

"Dark Flow" Outside Observable Universe 583

DynaSoar writes "NASA astrophysicists have discovered what they claim is something outside the observable universe exerting an effect on the observable. The material is pulling clusters of galaxies towards a region of space known not to contain sufficient matter to create the effect. They can only speculate on what the material is and how space might differ there: 'In these regions, space-time might be very different, and likely doesn't contain stars and galaxies (which only formed because of the particular density pattern of mass in our bubble). It could include giant, massive structures much larger than anything in our own observable universe. These structures are what researchers suspect are tugging on the galaxy clusters, causing the dark flow.'"

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