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Comment Re:Read some Engels (Score 1) 365

Well, in my school we learned the differences of political systems: democracy, monarchy, republic ... tyrany, economic systems: free market, regulated marked, governed market and social systems as fashism, socialism, welfare state ... or what ever you want to call it.

E.G: the real existing (not communist) socialist states where democracies, too. Albeit mostly on paper, and with restrictions as having only one party.

How can that be democracy, you ask? Well the idea was, that every citizan has to be political and participate and vote. So all should be members of 'The Party'. Democracy would be mainly executed inisde of the party, voting for 'leaders' and positions. Obviously that did not work and was probbaly a dumb idea anyway. However: when that system was invented, they did mot know better.

I think one of the greater turn offs of Communism is just how much reason has to be fucked up in order to embrace the system.
Quite insightful.
When russia had its revolution about 80% of the population (1912 or something) where still bond slaves. All the land was owned by noblemen and super rich super farmers. Everything else was owned by people who became rich somehow and became 'traders', 'industrialists' or mine owners etc.
However there was no 'free market'/'capitalist' infrastructure. Russia is a huge country, really huge. So if there was starvation in one corner: no one cared The Zar had more important matters to attent to. And the 'rich' already where rich. Why the fuck should they sent food on a 4 weeks rail road trip into a starving area if they could not earn anything on that? With the risks associated to a four weeks trip?
When the revolution came and 'the masses' got the promise that they now rule and starvation is gone and as such is the upper class, ofc they embraced the new system.

Similar in China. When China had its 'Revolution' it basically where two revolutions. The whole country was in the bronze age. Western luxury, like a telegraph or even telephone, only the Emporer, some noble families, very few rich 'traders' and other interested people had. The revolutioners fought on two fronts: transforming China into a modern western oriented society/industrial nation and keeping the western influence out (think about the boxer uprisings etc.) China was at that time basically occupied by western nations bribing the nobility and extracting/extorting everything they could out of the populace. So the main fight was on perhaps four frontires: preventing the russians to get into China, throwing out the foreigners (mainly british, but also americans, netherlands and other nations), destroying or at least hindering the 'establishment' ... aka imprisioning the ruling class, and the fact that two 'revolution armies' their fighting each other. Ah, yes, and if you take 1949 as the official date of the revolution, coping with what was left of the war with Japan

Anyway, in most of the cases none of the later 'citizens' even knew about 'somewhat working' democracies in France or America. They got promised a new system where they had power and the formerly rich oppressors not.

So imagine, you lived your live as a bond slave, are asked to join a/the party and now you can vote about the leaders of the party and about what the party is going to do in what order: sounds like a deal, doesn't it?

That the leaders of the revolution and 'the party' are just mafia like cronies not really much different to the former aristrocratic rulers ... well, that is unfortunate ... no?

Comment Re:Parenthesis (Score 1) 209

You still have the '?' misplaced :)
And frankly: the '(' and ')' add nothing fo me, they are just PERLish line noice IMHO.
On the other hand: I never counted levels of precedence either.
Never had guessed it is 15 or 16.

(You know, I had math in school, albeit it is over 30 years ago, if it is not a language like SmallTalk, which is strictly left to right, I have no problem to grasp the meaning of a complex expression at first glance ... but that might be just me).

Comment Re:Whenever I want really... (Score 1) 209

Well, if you need assistance, I call my self 'Software Generalist' on my business cards.
I gladly assist,

I'm especially good in shoulder massages, fetching coffee and siftdrinks and as I have a martial arts education, I can keep every one - unless armed with a Panzerfaust - out of your office room.


I'm a retired gamer, too. I can easily tell you which games are mot worth supporting anymore. E.g. Pokemon.

Comment Re:Read some Engels (Score 1) 365

You are making the typical american mistake:
Capitalism: basically a set of rules regarding how markets work and what can be owned by privat persons (no political system, e.g. democracy involved)
Comunism: a way of organizing the society and defining what can be owned by private persons (no market/economy involved, no political system involved)
Central planned economy: a contra point to 'free markets', again: has nothing to do if you have a democracy, dictatorship or monarchy as political system and/or comunism or capitalism as 'social model'

Basically if you would define the terms more sharply you could have a combination of any of those variations in the economic dimension, society dimension and political dimension.

However the orime mistake is to compare capitalism with comunism, as they are regardless how you define them, on different dimensions. Like my bank account and the temperature outside. One is in Euro, one is in degrees Celsius.

Comment Re:China Might Try It (Score 1) 365

Face it.
You are an idiot.
Having UBI, as your parent proclaimed, China might try soon, has nothing to do with a planned economy.
How could it? How should it?

I'm a programmer. The ice in my fridge is colder than yours.
You see!? Two statements that having nothing to do with each other. No conclusion possible from one to the other. Both even might be false, or true, who knows.

Regarding the paretn. China does not need UBI, yet. The evonomic growths is much to fast. They likely will invest into education, as they did the last 70 years, instead.

The first UBI nation likely is a Scandinavian one, Netherlands or Germany. Possibly Japan.

Comment Re:Welp, I know what I'm going to do. (Score 1) 365

So you're telling me I can get ~everything~ I want and need to consume.
Nope, the article tells you, you get UBI ... universal basic income. That might be $800 or $1200, depending if you live in a 'government assigned flat' or want one from the free market.
For everything you want you have to pay from that 'income'.
If you want more than you can afforrd with that income, you have to work.

Plain and simple. No idea why you ask dumb questions. (Yes, I know. There are no dumb questions, only dumb answers. However, your question was very close to the dumb site)

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