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Comment Re:Amazing ... (Score 1) 88

Dragging a window from one screen to the other or releasing it to close to the edge ...

Yes you can.
No you can't. It only "works" if you hit the edge of the window with the tip of the cursor.
A cursor looks like this: <-> and you should be able to drag any edge of the window when the _ is over the edge. And not only when either (depending which side you drag) < or > is directly on a 1 pixel thin window border + 2 pixels or something.

A Mac in 1987 wasn't a laptop with multiple displays
Why you refer to laptops is beyond me. I worked with plenty of multi monitor Macs before 1990.

That's on you, because as soon as you unplugged the laptop from the docking station you told Windows "Hey, I don't have a second monitor anymore." and it shuffled everything to the laptop's display so you can use them as soon as you open the machine.

WRONG: the laptop is in sleep mode when I unplug it and later plug it again. Of course the vendor and Windows together mess it up, as they wake up the laptop when it gets unplugged. How retarded that is I can not even express ...

overlap screens just fine if your screens are the same size
Yeah! Same SIZE, now you get it!!!

aligned to the proper positions, and have the same DPI.
My Mac Laptop and external display have not the same DPI, but work fine. Not so windows.

Comment Re:It has a security hole every week (Score 1) 200

There has never been any version of Flash available for iOS, bundled or otherwise, because Apple doesn't allow any third-party interpreters on the iOS platform.
This is wrong.

There are hundreds of interpreters in the AppStore. I have about 10 programming languages on my iPad 2.
And there are a few browsers that support Flash.

SJ's refusal to allow it on the iOS platform was the final nail
He did not disallow it, Apple simply did not support it in their own browser.


Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 200

Obviously Apple on that graph is by FAR the market leader.

You seem pretty dumb ... amoung how many Android device sellers is the Android pie divided? Hu? Probably hundreds.

Perhaps one of them, Samsung or Lenevo might come close to Apples sales with their Android sales.

Comment Re:HUGE number of vulnerabilities in Flash (Score 1) 200

Flash is still crashing my Mac regularly.
Not as often as it used to, but its habit to eat up CPU and crash the whole computer (instead of just the process it is running in) is pretty annoying. I only use it on two sites ... it is a nice feature that modern browsers have settings to allow Flash etc. only on specific sites.

Comment Re:Several things (Score 1) 200

I remember when iOS was less popular the fanboys were all saying it was impervious to viruses and hacking! I have to admit (not to my credit) ...
Apple tries very hard that it is.
You know, every App is Sandboxed in a changeroot and runs with their own user/group id.
Only exploitable bugs and most often only on jailbroken devices lead to such weaknesses.

And calling one a fanboi just because he uses iOS/macOS is plain stupid IMHO.

So I really wonder what that I did enjoy rubbing it in their face later. you rubbed into their face?

Comment Amazing ... (Score 3, Funny) 88

10M massochists volunteering to play with that?

I have to use it at work since 6 weeks ... you can not even properly grab the edge of the window with a mouse to resize it.

Dragging a window from one screen to the other or releasing it to close to the edge ... then it will go full screen automatically ... the search function in the explorer is not working properly ... since windows 7 I think. And people "volunteeringly" use this pile of crap?

I close my Dell Laptop, unplug it from the docking station.

Next morning I plug it in again.

All windows are now on the screen of the laptop and not where they have been before: a nice set of chat and mail tools on the laptop screen and all the programming tools on the "external/main" screen.

Helllllllllo? That worked 1987 on a Mac just fine!!

And it is impossible to have a window overlap screens, the sizes get distorted ... and trust me, the resolution of the laptop is just fine, bullshit like this never happened on a Mac.

So the 10M people have no clue how a computer should work but are masochist enough to beta test ...

Comment Re:Time to rethink carbon emissions (Score 1) 358

We are currently in a period of temporary warming due to the high amount of mid-20th century solar activity
That is wrong. We have no increase of solar activity. In fact it decreasing since over a decade.

Our conditions in the current period are identical to the temporary warming known as the Medieval Warming
This is wrong, too.
For starters: we have no clue at all what caused the Medieval Warming.
On top of that: we had three such periods, which do you refer to?

We are now entering a era of minimal solar activity, identical to the Maunder Minimum
Possible, But we have no real evidence for that. And somehow you are contradicting yourself, did you not say we have a high solar activity?

brought about the horrible period of death, disease, and famine known as the Little Ice Age.
Historically correct, but irrelevant for today, as with our CO2 levels we hardly would notice a new "Maunder Minimum"

The rest of your post is just nonsense. With current CO2 levels there won't be any "ice ages" anymore.

stave off another ice age, another epoch frozen crops, famine, disease, and plague.
We live now in a gloabl world, were food can be brought from everywhere to everywhere.
Against diseases we have medicine and hospitals.
Against plagues we have sanitation and hygine and other means, including medicine and vaccination.

Comment Re:Good Setup (Score 1) 351

To much tech talk.
8) hu? who knows what that acronym means?
5) hu? sure, I prefer GIT, too. But your statement is just idiotic!
1) what is the difference between Linux and Mac OS? Considering your post I doubt you will be able to correctly tell me 5 differences.
9) 'multi head set up', wow, who again is comprehending this kind of slang?
Ah yes, the point why I actully answered was 4)
How much CPU performance do you lose running you beloved Linux in a VM on a Mac under Mac OS X?
Hint: a person can not notice the difference. Even if you would utilize the CPU(s) 100%, you barely would be able to quantify the difference over the course of a few days.

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