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Comment Re: Curly braces = good. Indents = bad. (Score 1) 169

Secondly, you can't copy paste cleanly from the web with an indentation based language.
If your programming know how is on such a low level that you can not reread something you copy pasted and fix the errors: let me say it bluntly, you should not be programming!!!!
Sorry, I hope I never have to oversee a programmer like that. There is nothing wrong with copying snippets from e.g. Stack Overflow, but complaining the formatting gets messed up and then you can not get it running anymore ... please, reconsider your carrier plan.

Comment Re:Curly braces = good. Indents = bad. (Score 1) 169

Your post makes no sense.

With x-tags vi/iY is an IDE like any other IDE. And there is no IDE that is "bloated" and needs more than a few hundred MB of RAM. If an IDE needs lots of RAM it is because of the size of your source code ... go figure. Yes, a few hundred MB for Eclipse is a lot. But you are not running a server ... and develop on it ... on 1GB.

Comment Re:What about the Ada way ? (Score 1) 169

And on an iPad or Android device the language does not even matter.

Only special code editors like Textastic have an extra line of keys for common "programmer symbols".

@Dunkelfalke, if you are on a Mac, consider to make your own keyboard layout with a program called "Ukelele". I just map [] and {} to the german Umlauts (more or less like on an US keyboard).

When programming I switch to the "special" language ;D ... on the other hand with modern IDEs typing { generates the appropriated } anyway.

Comment Re:So many people who think they are experts... (Score 1) 219

The problem with that event is not that people don't believe steal gets soft. Actually everyone should know/grasp that.

The problem is that the building did not collapse as intuition (and plenty of demolition experts testified) demands. For a layman, the part of the edge of the building where the plane hit, should slowly collapse. Which would lead to a tilting of the building to the side and the parts on top would simply crash over.

However, every video shows that the collapsing (in both buildings) started at the top. There was not even fire. As long as that is not explained, there will be "truthers". The building holds at the hottest part, until the cool parts above it collapse and then hit the hot part ... possible. But not plausible. The explanations for that are not plausible either, I only heard nonsense.

Comment Re:So many people who think they are experts... (Score 1) 219

Anything that is radioactive for 10,000 years isn't actually very dangerous, that is basic science
It is, if you eat it. That is basic science

It is the stuff with a 50 year half life that will kill you.
No. Uranium e.g. is like lead a very poisonous heavy metal. Get it your food chain and you are in trouble. Its radioactivity or lack there of, is your least concern.

Comment Re: Black swan events (Score 0) 219

It is chap because it is subsidized. Facepalm.

The heating is done over night. You have special payment plans for that.

If they had not enough people buying excess power at night to heat up the water storages (for 1/3 of the price at daytime) they would need to shut down nuclear reactors.

Which again would be much more expensive than giving power away for nearly free.

You are caught in circular arguments ... if you had not night consumers buying electric power, you had less reactors. If you had less reactors you had no night consumers. And the power those reactors produce over daytime would be more expensive.

Comment Re:The cleanup (Score 1) 219

If you are in a living in a country where the government (that is basically you) allows coal plants to spit out more waste than hot air and steam and CO2 you should probably either shoot the government or emigrate.

As a side note: the emissions of a german coal plant are close to meaningless.

Comment Re:Which Democrat? (Score 1) 219

The punishments in the USA make no sense to outsiders anyway:
Oil Spill: a bit of a cash punishment
Hacking: 10 to 20 years prison
Seducing a tourist to carry marihuana - by a police agent - : jail for the tourist, police officer goes free. (That an action is basically illegal in every civilized country, but alas ... in the US a police officer can convince an innocent tourist to commit a crime so he gets a batch when he is catching him - considering that possession of a small amount of "common" drugs is not a crime in most european countries ...)

Comment Re:Mature technology (Score 1) 219

Please stop confusing WHATS and WHYS.

In fact, Germany is already [what] cutting back on solar subsidies because they finally realized [why] how much it was costing them.
What: yes we are changing the way how we subsidize it.
Why: because the industry ... and that includes all: production of panels, installing, providing of power, distribution, consumption ... is now mature. The subsidizes of the last decades established a mature industry. So we now change subsidizing to niche situations or for house owners who simply where sceptic and late.

FFS ... get INFORMATIONS instead of drawing half assed conclusions.

Solar's intermittent requires it to ride on the backs of other power sources to be feasible at all.
No it does not. At night when the sun does not shine ... we use how much power from peak? Hu? You don't know? ... so for fuck sake get a clue. At day Solar does not need to "to ride on the backs" of other power sources: because that sources are already there!!! And at night: we simply don't need them: a) because "they are already there" and b) they are shut down to the level where they are kept warm, because we don't need them either.

We are not in the US where a City like NYC has the same power demand night and day. The power demand of a german city at night is not even 50% of day time.

Your whole ideas about renewables, and I told you that 100 times now, are outdated and off world and have nothing to do with the power production/consumption in your country. Get it or simply stop arguing.

Stop using Germany as argument for your US problems. Everything, and I mean that quite literally, in Germany is different than in the US.

Germany will likely over the next decades install enough Solar power to provide about 30% of the day time load. The rest will be wind and biomass and water.

Comment Re:Wouldn't need subsidies (Score 1) 219

You are some decades back with your "knowledge".
Modern windmills last minimum 30 years ... no idea what was installed in the US during the 1970s and early 1980s. Germany started pretty late ... around 1985. The windmills in the area where I grew up, are all still running. They are all older than 30 years.

Capacitor factors (for solar) are irrelevant. Only cost and earnings are. And that works quite fine so far. Keep in mind a load following coal or gas plant has a CF below 40% and a balancing power plant (e.g. pumped storage) is probably around 20%. Every one knows that. All plants are used for a different purpose, hence their different CF. Comparing CFs is as I compare married house wives with with beauty queens from a competition, Miss World, or something. The only reason one of the queens won a competition is: she participated. I easily find thousands of housewives that are more beautiful than any Miss World you ever have seen. Comparing CFs is comparing Apples with Oranges or Miss Worlds with house wives. It makes no sense at all.

You have a car? What is its CF? You use it how many hours per week? And you have a boat, too? In relation to your car the boat must have a terrrrrrible CF, you should make sure to get rid of it ASAP!!!

Solar (the standard panels sold today) is estimated at about 25 to 30 years. I
No they are not "estimated" for 25-30 years. They have a warranty for 30 years. Quite a difference.

The rest of your post is nonsense.

Comment Re:Wouldn't need subsidies (Score 1) 219

Ever since someone decided the reactors had to be resistant against an airplane crash they take more time to build because they need more concrete to be poured.
Reactors where always supposed to be air plane crash proof. Hence e.g. the typical kiln form.
However after 9/11 plenty of plants got reevaluated and they figured: the old numbers from the late 1950s don't hold anymore.
You would be an idiot if you ignore the risk of a plane crashing into a nuclear plant ...

I guess they can continue importing electricity from France as usual.
Facepalm. Germany is exporting power to France. The last 20 years we perhaps imported in total 12 month more power from France than we exported in those month. You should read a few books or google before you make an idiot out of your self.

Despite having it announced public yet, France is planning its exit from nuclear power since 20 years. Go figure.

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