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Comment Re:radiation was detected (Score 1) 111

You still did not explain ehat you mean with your pointless points :)
Over daytime solar dors not produce zero ... just for your interest. Even when it is cloudy it has a nice power output.
It is completely normal for germany to have high wind yields and relatively low solar yields in autumn/winter. However on sunny winterdays peak solar output is similar to summer. Only total yield is lower due to the shorter day length.

Comment Re:sorry, it's not that simple (Score 1) 356

The Greenies and NIMBYs are going to oppose fusion just like they oppose fission.
That is extremely unlikely.
Unlike you most figure heads of the green movements have a clue and/or a PhD about/in science and know what they are talking about.
There is a huge difference between some iodine or cesium remains after a fission reaction and agitated iron/steal after neutron bombardment (fusion reaction).

Comment Re:radiation was detected (Score 1) 111

You are listing ages old US installations.

No idea why they are such expensive.

New installations in Germany are cheaper than nuclear since years. And Germany is not a particular good country for either wind (except the coast) or solar.

Bringing retarded grid concepts etc as arguments makes no sense.

Around here it's drive the "peak energy" costs from 0.07kWh to 0.18kWh in less then a decade.
Wind and solar are used for base load, not for peak energy or balancing power. You probably mean something else. If the energy prices during peak times changed, you most certainly don't know why. The most likely reason: your peak demand exploded and there were now new load following plants built. The new "renewables" now cover for some base load and the old peak plants struggle to fulfill the new peak demand. Go figure ... can't be so hard.

And on top of that: peak prices explode so that people who care about the price can throttle their demand. Only idiots still consume absurd amounts of power around peak time when they could avoid it (and that is damn easy, even in backyard countries like the USA)

Comment Re:We do not have the technology (Score 1) 91

Why do people always say "we don't have the technology" when we clearly have it?
Mars missions are not a technology problem, particular radiation and life support are solved problems.

What we lack is know how, and cost efficient approaches: know how why so many landing operations failed, e.g.
Very likely simply due to weather phenomena and atmosphere pressure changes (anomalies).

I agree that manned Mars missions, especially by mini companies, are unrealistic ... but it is a mere monetary and time frame problem, not a technology one.

Comment Re:Models are inaccurate, but not wrong (Score 1) 331

I don't know what you want to achieve with this long post.

You bring stuff like: Researchers in the early 20th Century had made measurements which suggested that additional CO2 would not have an effect on the Earth's climate. The theory was widely discredited on that basis, even though Arrhenius' equations and calculations seemed to be sound.
You give an argument and a counterargument in two sentences, is that your idea of "controversial"?
For me the counter argument is mainstream. When ever one comes with a claim that CO2 is not a problem or there is no AGW or everything is a natural pendulum, one comes and rectifies: CO2 is a problem, AGW is a problem. The "idiots" coming up with their "weird ideas" don't make the whole topic "controversial".

This thing you're doing where you're denying objective facts which you could trivially confirm, and only reading enough of what is presented to confirm your biases, is rather rude.
And what are you doing? Pushing your idea that it is controversial, by brining up idiot scientists that got debunked instantly?
If something gets debunked instantly, then it is not controversial. At least not how I understand the word.

Comment Re:About time... (Score 1) 98

Out of the three or four languages Europeans are supposed to learn English isn't one of them?
Yes, we learn minimum 2 languages. Or more precisely: get fed up with them, as teaching languages seems to be something no one knows how to do it properly.
However, that makes them not a requirement to enter university, nor to gain a diploma in an university.
Otherwise foreign students e.g. had no chance at all.
And who cares if you e.g. study biology or electric engineering what your grades where in school in english or french? They don't matter for writing your thesis, and they don't matter for getting into the studies.

write at the 11th grade level. The average American reads at the seventh grade level. That does not tell me anything ;D
I read what ever I want to read. Only high level math is beyond me (my current level). No idea on what level I write, neither german nor english. And I doubt "Xth grade" makes much sense ... but well, in which country do education systems make sense ..

Comment Moret and Shapiro (Score 1) 381

My preferred book is:

I basically bought it because it is a superb hand craft (I mean cover, paper and print).

The contents is an easy read. When I bought it, it was the most expensive book I ever bought ...

To sad that the announced second volume never was published.

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