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Comment Re:Unintended consequences? (Score 1) 295

Oh it's a little more complex than that. China is treating Hong Kong well almost purely because they want Taiwan back so badly. A move like putting a choke-hold on Hong Kong would make that whole political mess even more impossible. This whole thing should be interesting, or it will fade away to be forgotten in a few weeks when China decides to block Hong Kong Google & does nothing else.
Star Wars Prequels

Submission + - Star Wars remade.. for $6000 (bbc.co.uk)

Dynamoo writes: "Ever fancied remaking a scifi classic on a tiny budget? A tiny production outfit in the UK have remade Star Wars for the sum of £3000 (about $6000). Using pretty standard PCs, household objects and quite a lot of imagination the result is not half bad.

There are some more galleries and torrent downloads available at the the Backyard Productions site. How this compares to Star Wreck might be a matter of some debate, although I prefer the ASCIImation version myself."


Submission + - Florida election ballots to be printed on-demand

davidwr writes: The St. Petersburg, FL, Times reports that Florida is going back to paper ballots, but with a twist. They are printing the ballots on-demand, right there at the polling booth. This isn't machine-assisted voting where a touch-screen fills in your printed ballot for you. It's just a way to save printing costs and reduce paper waste.

Submission + - AOL to shut down Netscape support

Kelson writes: "After years of trying to figure out what to do with it, AOL is officially discontinuing the Netscape browser. In the four and a half years after they dismantled the development team and spun off the Mozilla Foundation as a lost cause, only to see Firefox take off, AOL has tried twice to reinvent Netscape. There was the chimera-like Netscape 8, which used both Mozilla's and IE's rendering engines, and just months ago they released Netscape 9, trying to ride the social networking wave. AOL will release security fixes through February 1, 2008, after which the browser will officially be dead. For the "nostalgic," they suggest using Firefox and installing a Netscape theme."

Submission + - Domains May Disappear After Search 1

Ponca City, We Love You writes: "A perfect domain name pops into your mind, a quick check at your registrar reveals that the domain is available, you put off the registration a few minutes and when you come back to register the domain, it's taken by someone else. How much time has elapsed between the search and the attempted registration — in one case, less than 90 seconds. Daily Domainer has an interesting story alleging that there may be a leak that allows domain tasters to intercept, analyze and register your domain ideas in minutes. "Every time you do a whois search with any service, you run a risk of losing your domain," says one industry insider. ICANN's Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC ) has not been able to find hard evidence of Domain Name Front Running but they have issued an advisory (pdf) for people to come forward with hard evidence it is happening. Here is how domain name research theft crimes can occur and some tips to avoiding being a victim."

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