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Submission + - Microsoft alleged anticompetitive practices agains (

andydread writes: We discussed the accusation against Microsoft by Barnes and Noble about their patent attacks on Android. The details are out on the extent that Microsoft has gone to make open source undesirable in the marketplace. Barnes and Noble says that this is not just about Android. According to B&N Its about all open source in general and they have filed a detailed complaint (PDF) with the ITC spelling out what they call "extortive practices" on the part of Microsoft against open source. Now we have a list of the actual patents in question and B&N explaining how each one of these patents are invalid.

Submission + - Microsoft collects more royaties for Linux (

andydread writes: Microsoft patent campaign against Linux has ramped up. Wtih 4 more Linux licensees. TomTom and Buffalo among others were snared in the past now the latest victim is Winstron a ODM that has signed a patent license to use ChromeOS and Android.

Submission + - Microsoft charging royalties for Linux. ( 1

andydread writes: It seems Microsoft's campaign to scare manufacturers away from open source and Linux in particular is proceeding at full force. The latest news is from Digitimes out of Taiwan. Apparently Microsoft is threating Acer and Asustek to pay Microsoft a "License Fee" for the privilege of deploying Linux on their devices. This time in the form of Android and Chorme OS. So basically this campaign is spreading to PC vendors now. What are the implications of this? Does this mean that if I build PCs with Linux (Ubuntu/ChromeOS/Fedora and sell them I am at risk of getting sued by Microsoft? "But because Acer and Asustek are international vendors of netbook PCs, the actual motivation of Microsoft's royalty charge is to keep Acer and Asustek from using Google Android or Chrome OS instead of Windows Mobile for their netbook or tablet PCs, the sources pointed out."

Submission + - I-O Data pays Microsoft for a Linux patent license (

andydread writes: We just hear about the Linux patent license that Amazon purchased from Microsoft for the right to use Linux on its devices. Now it seems I-O Data is the latest to purchase a license from Microsoft for permission to use Linux. "We're pleased to reach this agreement with I-O Data, said David Kaefer, general manager of Intellectual Property Licensing at Microsoft. Microsoft has a strong track record of collaboration with companies running Linux-based offerings, and this agreement is a reflection of our commitment to partner with industry leaders around the world."

Submission + - Microsoft collects more license fees for Linux.

andydread writes: We have seen that several companies have paid for Linux patent licenses from Microsoft. It seems that Microsoft is continuing with this strategy to put a cost on using linux.
Now it looks like Amazon has joined the party. They apparently have paid for a patent license from Microsoft for Linux servers. How long are the responsible parties going to put up with this from Microsoft? Can anything really be done about this issue?

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