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Submission + - White house doesn't want signatures: nobody cares

An anonymous reader writes: Some time in the last month or so, the white house changed the https://petitions.whitehouse.g... website such that it now requires users to enter and verify every petition that that 'sign'. (this after making users go through a complicated signup process, which also verified the email address). The only logical reason for this change, can only be that they want to suppress signatures. This whole thing has been a joke since it's creation with the only petition that *possibly* resulted in any change being the one on cell phone unlocking. https://petitions.whitehouse.g...

I'm posting this because I can not believe that nobody has even taken the white house to task for this additional we-don't-want-your-opinion change. Google searches on it found nothing.

I welcome any commenter to point me to the exposure that I missed, and I welcome any poster to repost this story in a more eloquent format.

Comment These blacklist services break normal email (Score 5, Informative) 279

Years ago I was running an email server, (Very low output 3 to 5 users personal email only, no lists) and we had some inbound addresses that were overloaded with spam, so we abandoned them. But rather than just discarding email sent to those addresses ( for fear that someone didn't get the new address) I set them up so (via a piped script in the aliases file ) to fail on receipt with the message "your message to abandoned@email can not be delivered, please use the webform here to send your message"

So we got blacklisted, and checking the logs we had *NO* outgoing email at the time of the accursed spam message(s). The blacklist service didn't give me the whole message, but it contained enough for me to find reference to it in my log.

Near as I can figure, some spammer sent email to us through an open relay, using a honeypot (you get classed as a spammer if you send email to this address ) as his spoofed 'from: address'. My mailer refused to accept the email to the abandoned address, so the relay returned the 'undelivered' message to the honeypot address.

Now I had several problems with this. First, to avoid blacklisting, I had to remove this helpful service. Now those messages go to /dev/null. second, I didn't actually send the email, but we got blacklisted simply because our IP adress was in the chain of Received headers in the email header.

More recently, I had newsletter messages sent to a members of a private club bounced by their local ISP. The sending IP address was not listed in any blacklist I could find. The ISP was just refusing connection, No message, nothing. (I could send email to that ISP from other services like gmail) They wouldn't take my call ( I'm not their customer) so I had some of their customers call and ask "Why am I not getting these newsletter messages?" . I wasn't on the call, but it sounded like they just played dumb. A few of the list members gave us non-local-isp addresses (gmail , yahoo) and now they get the newsletter there.

Again, legitimate email loses out.

And finally, Just about every time, my "password reset" messages end up in people's spam folder. This is one of my most common support calls. (this even after the page where they request the password reset says right on it "check your spam folder" ) There are lots of false positives on spam.

Comment In-network / out-of-network data use. (Score 1) 1

If it really was the issue that the cost to Comcast of the largest users was the outside network limitations, then they would love P2P protocalls like Bittorrent. ( swarms will adapt to get data from fastest peers, which could logically be other users of the Comcast network. )

But It's a lie.

The choke point for cable providers is the last mile. Trying to optimize the network by punishing those that use it, continues to be offensive.

Submission + - US Justice Dept Defends Right To Record Police (

Fluffeh writes: "In recent times, it seems that many Police Departments believe that recording them doing their work is an act of war with police officers destroying the tapes, phones or cameras while arresting the folks doing it, but in a surprising twist, the US Justice Department has sent letter (PDF) to attorneys for the Baltimore Police Department — who have been quite heavy handed in enforcing their "Don't record me bro!" mantra. The letter contains an awful lot of lawyer babble and lists many court cases and the like, although some sections are surprisingly clear "Policies should prohibit officers from destroying recording devices or cameras and deleting recordings or photographs under any circumstances. In addition to violating the First Amendment, police officers violate the core requirements of the Fourteenth Amendment procedural due process clause when they irrevocably deprived individuals of their recordings without first providing notice and an opportunity to object." There is a lot more and it certainly seems like a firm foothold in the right direction."

Comment Re:Petition created at (Score 1) 277

I wasn't complaining about the petition in itself, just a crappy website. What really steamed me was getting stuck in this "signed in" and also "not signed in" state. ( felt like a Douglas Adams book) I got it to work, but how many people would have given up sooner. The validation link should have *also* signed the petition. And if they are going to email a https link they should have wrapped it as html so my email client would see it as a link. ( I didn't know until now that my email clients wouldn't see https in the text and make it hot-link. ) I suspect , not enough testing was done.

and how is it worded, if we get 5000, they will consider responding to it.

It's a small step, in a big fight.

Comment Re:Petition created at (Score 5, Insightful) 277

OMFG what a terrible website experience ... no wonder only 11 signatures at the moment.
requires sigin to vote.. ok
pop up form incompatible with android touch kybd. ( click text area , lose kybd focus)
use slide out kybd
Sends validation mail.... ok
It's not a link, I have to copy and paste
Drops me to 404 page
Move to laptop, try again
Still, not a link, but copy paste better on laptop, says :Validation already used.
Please login, requests email and password... ( I didn't ever get prompted for a password )
request lost password
New validation link, ( still not hot, copy paste) ... OK validated, but link valid only once, please set password.
OK, logged in .. but *lost* is the link to the page I was on... where is that petition ?
back to /. re-click link page comes up, .. but "Sign Petition" is still greyed-out
click "signin" and my choices are "Sign out" and "Forgot Password"
Now I will try logout and log back in.. will see if that works

I get the feeling they don't actually want people to sign these things.

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