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Comment Re:FreeNet (Score 1) 586

Part of the problem is we need storage. Another part is that we need uptime. Neither is really compatible with booting even from a USB stick - and really, that's out of scope anyway, that's something somebody should write who knows more about building operating systems than we do. However, we do take some precautions with regards to local security, and plan to take more in the near future. For instance, we tell the browser not to cache anything, we encrypt (optionally with a password but in any case easily got rid of) potentially incriminating data on disk, and we strongly recommend users install Truecrypt (since unfortunately we can't turn on swap crypto or lock pages in memory). A significant proportion of the community think taking any local precautions is a bad thing, since it violates the unix philosophy... As regards darknet, it is simply the only possible option in any even vaguely hostile regime. For instance, China has managed to block most of the Tor hidden bridges. Apart from that, it is also the only realistic option for really good security on Freenet: an attacker can connect to everyone, and Freenet's architecture on opennet isn't really suitable for dealing with this. It is of course possible for nodes to connect to both darknet and opennet, and the hope is that users will gradually add their friends as Freenet becomes faster, easier to use, more popular and has more content.

Submission + - Freenet 0.7.5 Announced

evanbd writes: After a year of development, the Freenet Project has announced version 0.7.5 of the Freenet anti-censorship software. Compared to 0.7, the new version offers significantly improved network performance, faster startup and reduced memory usage when uploading or downloading large files, enhancements to the user interface, and a new Windows installer. A new search function is also available, though it's still fairly limited. Downloads are available for Linux, OSX, and Windows. If you encounter any difficulties or bugs, help is available on IRC in #freenet at

Comment Re:Are we just now getting this dupe (Score 2, Interesting) 365

Statistical analysis is probably easier with a larger number of nodes, if you're talking about your direct peers monitoring you. Also, Freenet 0.7 supports opennet. And "same darknet"? What's the same darknet? There is only one 0.7 network as far as I know, although there maybe secret ones. If there are secret networks of 15 nodes, the NSA would probably not be on them. The long-term objective is to have a globally scalable darknet, which means that it might have a million nodes in it, but it's all going friend to friend to friend to friend. Read up on small world networks. Frost works better on 0.5 because the spammer has been attacking 0.7's Frost with constant denial of service attacks, not 0.5's Frost. They are both just as vulnerable. FMS is the solution. Darknet came up well before the collaborative censorship ideas you refer to, and that wouldn't be Freenet, it would be a different network. There is absolutely no intention for Freenet to provide any sort of censorship mechanism, and it doesn't provide any.

Submission + - [Announce] Freenet 0.7 alpha 2 is available! (

FuriousRage writes: "Freenet version 0.7a2 is now available for public testing.

Freenet is a global peer-to-peer network designed to allow users to publish
and consume information without fear of censorship. To use it, you must
download the Freenet software, available for Windows, Mac, Linux and other
operating systems. Your computer will then form part of a global,
decentralized P2P network, and you will be able to publish and consume
information anonymously, either through your web browser, or through a
variety of third party applications, such as Frost (see

Since the first alpha there have been vast numbers of changes, in particular
significant improvements in user friendliness. For example, it is no-longer
necessary to find other people to connect to, Freenet can find other people
for you. However, you can still connect to your friends for maximum security.
It is also a good deal faster, and many bugs have been fixed.

There have been many many other changes, and we will release a feature
complete beta followed by 0.7.0 itself in the coming months (we hope to have
regular point releases after that). But we thought it would be best to get
some wider testing at this point. There is more to do before 0.7.0, and one
or two features which need to be completed before that.

Freenet 0.7a2 can be downloaded from:

This release would not have been possible without the release of numerous
volunteers, and Matthew Toseland, Freenet's full time developer. Matthew's
work is funded through donations via our website (as well as a few larger
sponsors from time to time), we ask that anyone who can help us to ensure
Matthew's continued employment by visiting our donations page and making a
contribution at:

Announce mailing list"

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