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Comment forgive, but not forget (Score 1) 281

too bad sony's going to be the industry whipping boy for 2007 as well . the reason ? the playstation 3 . while people are selling their first born to get a nintendo wii, and preliminary NPD reports on the xbox 360 suggest a healthy retail season, sony is stuggling . they struggled at the manufacturing level, they put forth a dismal group of launch releases, the blu-ray/hd dvd format war isn't even in full swing yet, and this has all led to piles of playstation 3s ending up on the floors of major retailers . the free market has their piece to add . nintendo wiis, released around the same time as the playstation, have sold more consoles, and interestingly enough, are still selling in bundle form and selling for around 100% markup over retail on ebay, long after the launch . the playstation 3, on the other hand, is struggling to find its way off of store shelves and web pages alike . sony has burdened another piece of hardware with a proprietary format that the world has not yet embraced . they are like a child that continues to hit themselves in the head without learning .

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