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Submission + - Scientists create mini 'black hole' (

An anonymous reader writes: A group of Chinese researchers have created an artificial mini "black hole" capable of absorbing electromagnetic waves coming in from all directions, according to research published in the current issue of New Journal of Physics. The researchers took advantage of the special properties of metamaterials, a class of ordered composites which can distort light and other waves, to realize a an omnidirectional electromagnetic absorber in microwave frequencies.

Submission + - Mutant Plants: UN solution to global food crisis (

Anonymous Coward writes: "Creating mutant plants using nuclear radiation could boost crop yields and help tackle food crisis, according a top United Nations expert. "At a time when the world is facing a food and energy crisis of unprecedented proportions, plant mutation breeding can be a catalyst in developing improved, higher-yield, saline-resistant, sturdier crop varieties," Werner Burkart, Deputy Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)."

Submission + - 'Cosmic ghost' discovered by volunteer astronomer (

Anonymous Coward writes: "A Dutch school teacher volunteering in the Galaxy Zoo project that allows members of the public to take part in astronomy research online, has discovered a mysterious and unique object some observers are calling a "cosmic ghost". It's huge central hole is over 16,000 light years across and Galaxy Zoo astronomers are still puzzling over what caused it."

Submission + - Scientists design invisibility cloak (

Invisible Coward writes: "University of Maryland researchers are using plasmonics technology to create the world's first invisibility cloak that works by bending light and sending it around the object. A research team at University's A. James Clark School of Engineering comprised of Professor Christopher Davis, Research Scientist Igor Smolyaninov, and graduate student Yu-Ju Hung, have applied the same technology to build a revolutionary superlens microscope that allows scientists to see details of previously undetectable nanoscale objects."

Submission + - Dogs trained to use computers (

Canine at the Keyboard writes: "Austrian researchers have successfully trained dogs to use computers, according to a study published online in Animal Cognition. Friederike Range and colleagues from the University of Vienna in Austria have shown for the first time that dogs can classify complex color photographs and place them into categories in the same way that humans do, and the dogs successfully demonstrate their learning through the use of computer automated touch-screens, eliminating potential human influence. Considering that million monkeys at keyboards made the Internet, I wonder what contribution the dogs would make."

Submission + - Magic microchip patterning technique developed (

An anonymous reader writes: The time and cost needed to produce microchips could be drastically reduced thanks to a simple low-cost a new process invented by Princeton engineers in which a thin polymer film is sandwiched between two flat plates that are then pulled apart creating ultra small grooves over large areas as if by "magic".
Wireless Networking

Submission + - "Free" wireless broadband sparks "free (

Enormous Coward writes: "A company that wants to offer "free" filtered Internet over unused TV spectrum band has hit back at criticism that its service is "free as in beer" but not "free as in speech". M2Z Networks (M2Z) today announced that in just the past 15 working days over 1,000 individuals from forty-nine states have written to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) supporting M2Z's pending application. Public Interest Spectrum Coalition (PISC) opposes the application on the grounds that, although M2Z's application could provide significant benefits to the American people, "the proposed license conditions do not adequately ensure that M2Z would operate under open device rules or network neutrality rules of sufficient stringency to confer the full benefits of innovation and free expression to the public.""

Submission + - "Life" found in inorganic interstellar dus (

Anonymous Alien writes: "Physicists have found evidence that inorganic dust with life-like qualities exists in interstellar space, according to new research published in New Journal of Physics that hint at the possibility that life beyond earth may not necessarily use carbon-based molecules as its building blocks and also offer a possible new explanation for the origin of life on Earth."
The Internet

Submission + - Senators call for universal internet filtering (

Anonymous Coward writes: "US senators today made a bipartisan call for the universal implementation of filtering and monitoring technologies on the Internet in order to protect children at the end of a Senate hearing for which civil liberties groups were not invited. Senators call for universal Internet filtering Senators call for universal Internet filtering"

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