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Journal Journal: Stallman warns of cloud vendor lock-in

Stallman warns of cloud vendor lock-in

It's amazing for me to see many people ignore the obvious. Here Stallman explain in plain English why to avoid online solutions, yet most people are happy to put all their very personal and intimate stuff on the web - potentially for any one to see. Granted, gmail is very cool, but I am not going to save a spreadsheet with all my passwords on Google Docs! Then again some people deserve to be locked in :-)
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Journal Journal: The ultimate hardware selection for a dual boot system

This is probably going to be one of those journal entries that will grow arms and legs, but I am interesting in putting together a high end home system in a dual boot role:

The Windows Partition - this will mainly be for games. Although I do not yet have any of the latest games (released in 2008), I have a stack of older games. In fact, for some games I will probably have to install an older version of Windows. Here is my dilemma: the older versions of Windows may give problems on the "ultimate" home system, so I guess one of my questions is if it's worthwhile to play the older games (think Win9* days) in VMWare or something... Will have to think about this a bit :-)

The Linux Partition - I have a lot of development and infrastructure related projects, so already I am running out of steam on my current desktop when it comes to a Xen/VMWare dev environment (I can run up to 4 VM's at times, but ideally I would like to run 8 or 10).

summary - The Windows partition is for games and the Linux partition is for real work :-)

Ideally I would like to try and let the all the hardware be supported in both Windows and Linux environments. One frustration I currently have (as an example) is my scanner (a Canon CanoScan 4200F). At the time I got the scanner, I was still running Windows exclusively on my home desktop. Now that system is liberated, and I lost the use of my scanner - highly frustrating! I would like to make better decisions this time with a fair amount of planning.

The Hardware Selection

So here my journey starts. I need to make purchasing decisions on the following hardware:

  • Case
  • Power Supply
  • Motherboard
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Cooling
  • Sound Card
  • Video Card
  • Storage
  • Input Devices
  • Other (TV card, printer, scanner, speakers)

the Case - I am not fussy about cases, but my concern for a high end system is around cooling, so I really need some input from old hardware hackers as to which cases is ideal. My budget for just the bare case is around US$200. I was thinking along the lines of a "LIAN LI PC-V1000BPLUSII W"... Any ideas/pointers would be most welcome :-)

The Power Supply - I'll admit that I have no clue when it comes to power/electricity. My current guess is to go from something like a 600 to 800 watt power supply ??? Again any advice here could be most helpful. I am hoping to spend less then US$100 on a power supply.

Motherboard - Because of my DEV requirements and the outlook to run many VM's, I am thinking quad core... The current board that looks like it will do the thing is the "GIGABYTE GA-X48-DQ6 X48". I am hoping to spend less then US$400 on a motherboard :-)

to be continued... I have to get to work now...

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Journal Journal: Externalities and Global Warming

Pumping carbon into the atmosphere may not be the cause of Global warming, but it's absolute insanity to beleive we can continue to pump millions of tons of carbon into our atmosphere without consequences. Even if you subscribe to the belief that cyclic changes in the sun, or the earths orbital plane, are the causes of global warming, it's irrelavant - because our, and future generations, will still have to deal with global warming. This can only be achieved by having a sustainable energy infrastructure policy. I note that most of the people in that documentary are old enough so that if they are wrong they won't have to deal with the consequences. Global warming is happening, no matter what the cause, dealing with carbon emmisions are the first step. People may try to ignore the science, but it doesn't change the fact that is is happening.

The carbon emissions of industry that generates energy for society illustrates the much larger issue of externalities. Externalities are the waste and by-products of corporations, and they are not legally obliged to factor these into the cost of production of their goods or services. The cost of these externalities are offset to the community, because in theory, the community should have the resources to deal with the externality. Of course this was before we had corporations with economies the size of countries. Externalities can be anything from the toxic chemicals dumped into a river, the destruction of ecosystems, human rights violations from the abuse of cheap labor in third world countries, nuclear waste and of course carbon emissions from coal fired power plants.

Not factoring these externalities into the cost of producing a good or service reduces the cost. This reduction in cost forces the board of a company to take the lowest cost route available because, by law, the corporation is legally obliged to maximise the financial returns to the shareholder. Even if a board of a corporation agrees that it's is an undesirable course of action, morally wrong or clearly unsustainable environmentally, this fatal flaw in the design of a corporations legal structure prevents even the most environmentally aware directors doing what is right by the earth and ultimatley the human race.

Carbon trading is an attempt to put a cost on the energy industries externality (carbon emissions) so that a cost can be factored into energy production that burns coal. This very focused approach allows the issue of changing the law to force corporations to deal with their externalities, to be avoided. I'm not saying not to apply carbon trading, but this is the very layering of regulation that business complains about. The real issue is how much longer can we continue to destroy the very ecosystem that allows the human race to exist all because we allow this glaringly obvious legal flaw to continue.

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Journal Journal: We are the slashdot, i have been assimilated

I beleive technology is a gift. Thats why I was so interested in computers when I was a kid, and eventually made a living of it. So much to learn, which opens more doors and continues to develop me, I'm constantly amazed, the internet is like a western in cyberspace.

Which brings me to slashdot, innocently I came here thinking this is just a web site where nerdy people talk about nerdy things, but it's more, much more. Over the years I saw it building itself into an insidious massive network of connected human nodes who 'must read slashdot'.

I didn't notice at first, when I started reading in the late nineties, it made an interesting alternative to the newspaper or a magazine, at breakfast, or with a hot beverage. I didn't think it would affect me but soon, it became more noticable, like, you could get by without a coffee or a morning tea, but you would'nt be happy about it.

Then, it happened, the shift was so subtle, like trying to recognise a face you think you know,

'must read slashdot'

Oh, no "I'm addicted" I thought. I never realised how wrong I was, it was far worse than addiction. I start posting, and slowly I realised, "I'm inside a hive mind", but had it seen me? I couldn't look away - not because it was beautiful, more like, looking at a accident in slow motion. But the reality was it is more like some small animal looking at the headlights of a truck, and I'm the small animal. I'd stared too long. I thought "borg", but even the borgs assimilation process seemed quick and merciful compared to the slow roasting over flame I'd seen some nodes recieve on slashdot.

i pray to the great superconciousness it doesn't happen to me....wait.I.was.born.a.

religion not defined


i should get a subscription...resist..arrrrggggghhhhh...

must read slashdot.......nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

we are the slashdot..we.are.the.slashdot

You will be assimilated.i.have.been.assimilated

must read slashdot

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