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Comment Re:Agile is the answer to everything (Score 2) 133

Customers need to grow up. The government of The Netherlands (a country with a GDP of ~€600 billion) wastes up to €5 billion of taxpayer money each year on badly managed IT projects. The reality is that projects with a fixed timeline never get completed on time, lending to the "deadlines are meant to be broken" meme. This is especially true for IT projects, as the scope is often not fully known at the start of the project, and will grow as the project progresses.

Agile is all about realism. You just cannot know when a project will be completed, and you can only give a rough estimate, adjusting as you go along. And agile is not about billing it is about planning and managing a project. You could still settle on a fixed price with the customer...

Comment Re:Experience counts (Score 1) 232

I'm not sure if respect is the right word, but I'll explain what I mean with an anecdote.

One of the issues we had is that a newly hired dev (a friend of the incompetent manager) would not push his code to Github in a timely manner, rather he would keep his code on his machine for a week or even 2 weeks. This resulted in the rest of the team not knowing what the hell he was up to, and also in unnecessary huge merge commits. I wrote down my concern in an email and sent it to the entire team. No reply, no action taken. So I then raised it with senior management along with some other issues. "I'll look into it."
Next time we talked about it, turns out he asked the incompetent manager about it, and his response was that my concern was "exaggerated" and even a "non-issue", and they decided the idiot manager was right and sided with him. I pointed out that I've been with the company for far longer, I've already proven my worth and we've built up trust and a good relationship, and the same cannot be said about that manager. No budge.

There was no rational explanation why they sided with the idiot manager. He just has big talk, and I suppose that makes senior management "respect" him somehow. That is the "more respect than a person deserves" thing I was trying to illustrate and that's the thing that you should beware of. If you start talking big yourself and cannot substantiate it, you're no better than the idiot manager.

Comment Re:Experience counts (Score 4, Interesting) 232

I have a wife and 2 kids to take care of. I did in fact have to deal with incompetent management. I indicated a number of times to senior management that there were incompetence problems, but was not taken seriously. I've since decided to take the plunge and told senior managment I'd in fact quit my job per october. At that point I hadn't even started to look for a new job yet.
I might be at risk of being without an income for a month or so, but I couldn't care less about that. I will not be yelled at for deadlines being broken because of mismanagement, or for some obscure bug not uncovered by QA. I'd much rather lose a month of income than putting up with that.

Of course, I have been without income for months in succession, so I've "been there done that". I also have a strong bargaining position, as the company basically is nothing without me. If they don't do their utmost to make sure I stay (get rid of the incompetent manager, offer a raise, that sorta thing) they will have to hire me as a freelancer or suffer the concequences. But that said, even if they choose the latter, I will enjoy witnessing the company die a painful death from the sidelines. I would never try to squeeze myself through a hole that doesn't fit out of fear of losing my job, even though I have mouths to feed. I'm of the opinion that employees (especially IT workers, as many of us are rather shy) should show some spine and command respect. Of course, the respect you're seeking must be proportional to your actual skills, merit to the company, etc.

Comment Re:This study allows writing a hypothesis (Score 1) 588

I didn't mean to imply health from BMI, but rather the general mass to height ratio

Of course I meant "health" in the context of obesity. What I'm saying is that it's not accurate determine whether someone is overweight even a little bit. See here for some citations:, one in particular stands out: "Mathematician Keith Devlin and the restaurant industry association Center for Consumer Freedom argue that the error in the BMI is significant and so pervasive that it is not generally useful in evaluation of health."

You're saying this study does not understand the mechanics and science of nutrition. I'm taking that to mean that the study was actually designed badly or unscientifically. I think it's hard to draw such a conclusion from just the fact that some information you're curious about is not mentioned in the abstract. You'd need to read the entire study. However, I do know that there is more science supporting this study. I'll just leave this here:

Comment Re:A change in diet - from what? (Score 1) 588

Well, you have to look at my point in the context of the parent post, but I digress.

What exactly is nutritious, and what isn't? It's way more complex than you think. For example, in the case of sugar, which actually is an essential source of energy for the body, it can be quite unhealthy when consumed in the wrong way. Fructose, in particular, just gets stored in the liver if there is no fiber around to help properly digest it. When it accumulates in the liver, it starts causing all sorts of health problems, including metabolic disorders. Here's a recommendation:

Comment Re:This study allows writing a hypothesis (Score 1) 588


I stopped reading there. The usage of BMI as a benchmark for an individual's health is the worst thing that ever happened to obese and underweight people. It has received lots of criticism, and rightfully so.

My mother-in-law actually had expensive stomach surgery (they assured her it was reversible, too) for being obese and has now lost a lot of weight. I actually tried to talk her out of that surgery, insisting she changed her diet instead. In particular, I insisted she cut down on sugar, unless the sugar came with lots of fiber. Eventually, she lost a lot of weight, but not after receiving very practical help and information on actually improving her diet! Numerous people in the same batch as her actually never lost weight at all. And excuse me for thinking that obesity is a huge international health problem. As such, I think such studies (even if slightly "quick and dirty") are badly needed. You can't solve the problem overnight, anyway.

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