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Comment AT&T fail... but so does Apple? (Score 1) 214

The problem with AT&T is the same problem with Apple. AT&T does not want to have competition and knowing that they are losing to Verizon Wireless because they blew all their cash on iphones, which is clearly shown as failing in other Slashdot reports goes to show that AT&T have adjusted to the idea that they dominated the market with their crappy iphone, whereas Veirzon actually did something appealing to us by making a smart phone Android that will be open source, meaning that people can develop apps their way, for which is nice. We also have to take in account that Verizon is US based and that they heavily market here in the US. So, I wouldn't be surprised if the Map of 3G coverages is true, knowing that AT&T is not just marketing here in US, but around the world. They do have a big market here, but i would like to see Verizon take over the market with the Android, for which i cant wait to develop apps for. Now, how does this relate with Apple? We see clearly that Apple has failed with their close sourcing the iPhone, having stupid approval processes for the apps, for which everyone hates, and that they are making deals with companies that can't handle with the fact that their coverages are crap. The best move for AT&T right now is to drop the case, say that Verizon is right, and start to focus on what the customers actually want. Apple needs to change their ideals that their products are the best, cause they're not. Apple needs to make computers that can actually play games that Windows OSes can and to reduce their outrageous prices for some mac which doesn't have that good hardware. For the hand-held items, please make them open-source and admit that controlling the market on apps will not work in the long run. That would be a form of communism as seen in China, with major control all just because you like to control the cash. I will laugh about the stupidness of AT&T, though.

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