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Comment Re:Gotta have a plan (Score 1) 330

As humans, we are a collective bunch of individual cells that are involved in many chemical reactions which results in our behavior. These reactions are equations. By going to AA, you are simply altering your "input" to the equation. By having different inputs, your reactions are more likely to produce a different "output". In short, your new behavior is subject to your new "inputs". This could be nearly anything, but it will be different. This is also why advertisements and corporate media agendas can be so productive. They have direct access to your "inputs", thus increasing their odds of your behavior ending up closer to their desired "output". Somewhere in there, we also seemingly have some ability to reason, make decisions, and perceive that we have free will. Some or all of this is currently up for scientific debate.

Comment One thing is for certain... (Score 1) 249

They need to get out of the airplane manufacturing business... although, bases on the moon may require slightly higher precision and quality control.

All your base, are belong to us.

Comment Re:Considering how often Adderall is abused... (Score 1) 611

Think about this in a different light. Society has become more interrupt driven due to "live" streaming of items, aka social media. It becomes very challenging to stay focused when you receive a text, tweet or e-mail every 5 minutes. It isn't a problem caused by the inability to stay focused, it is a problem caused by the level of interruption in society.

Many of those with ADD/ADHD are some of the brightest individuals out there. If your brain can process inputs fast, it WANTS to process inputs fast. If your brain cannot process them fast, you will likely get distracted.

Think about the animal kingdom, which we are a part of. If a cheetah or game animal had high ADD/ADHD, they would be more likely to survive because they are aware. That flicker out of the corner of your eye, may be a predator and noticing it may have just saved you from becoming lunch. Which, is precisely why I call ADD:

Awareness Distraction Disorder

Hope that inspires an alternate direction to the conversation. Enjoy!

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