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Submission + - Top tech products from DEMO Fall 2012 (networkworld.com)

alphadogg writes: At the DEMO Fall 2012 conference, which kicks off today, young companies looking to spread the word about their new products are given six minutes of face time to make their pitches. Every company will be vying for a $1 million advertising prize. Augmented reality, human-computer interaction without a touchscreen, and plenty more highlight this year’s DEMO Fall 2012 conference.

Submission + - First look at coolest 2012 DEMO Conference products (networkworld.com)

alphadogg writes: While much of the draw to the 2012 DEMO Conference in Santa Clara — a mecca for tech startups — surrounds consumer technology, such as a new fantasy politics game or an electric skateboard, the conference still has plenty to offer those with a mind toward work productivity. Here's a rundown of the enterprise IT products http://www.networkworld.com/news/2012/041812-demo-258383.html?hpg1=bn and an overview of the coolest products overall. http://www.networkworld.com/slideshow/42581

Submission + - Techies get reality TV show (networkworld.com)

alphadogg writes: Television network Bravo has confirmed that a show with the working title of "Silicon Valley" will follow "hot young professionals with big dreams on the road to becoming techie superstars." It's slated to be part of its suite of new programs announced on the Network's blog. According to reports, Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, is slated to produce the show.

Submission + - $100M venture fund buys into Big Data hype (networkworld.com)

alphadogg writes: Accel Partners launched a $100 million Big Data Fund at the sold-out Hadoop World conference in New York Tuesday in an effort to help start-ups exploit new data types expected to dominate computing and networks for years to come. Accel said its $100M will "fund transformative early stage and growth companies throughout the Big Data ecosystem, from next generation storage and data management platforms to a wide range of revolutionary software applications and services – i.e. data analytics, business intelligence, collaboration, mobile, vertical applications and many more. We believe the future multi-billion software companies will be emerge from the Big Data ecosystem."

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