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Comment Re:Extraordinary claims... (Score 1) 243

...require extraordinary evidence.

I always hated that statement, and real scientists should avoid it like the plague. Yes, I know Carl Sagan said it, doesn't mean he was correct. There are no levels of "evidence", there is only evidence or non-evidence. The claim itself will define what evidence is required, there's no special additional evidence that fantastic claims require...just plain old EVIDENCE.

Comment Dear computer makers (Score 0, Offtopic) 756

Why can't we just have everything? Why does it have to be multitasking OR multitouch? clearly the tech is capable of both, why can't we just have it? is multitasking too complex for the average user to get their head around? that's been part of both mac and pc computing from the word "OS", why is it suddenly a new concept? multitouch and gestures are new, and a revolution if they could be used for computing and not just dicking around. can you imagine? a multitouch interface with final cut pro, moving video clips around a timeline and synching sound effects with gesture? hot damn, that's a sweet concept! but it's not yet! and it so totally could be now! why can't we have nice things?!

Comment The Principle and all involved (Score 2, Informative) 687

Someone please find these asshats emails and post them here ! 2 million emails jamming the local system should help get the point across although it will probably just make the poor admins life miserable. !We really need to get rid of clowns like these (the school authorities involved). It is a constant irritation that they are "not filing charges". THEY (the school authorities involved) should be charged and it should be dam serious enough to make them think about throwing a families life into disarray the next time. As for local police, well you can't fix stupid.

Comment Re:In our lifetime... (Score 1) 32

Sorry but that is making an awful lot of assumptions, based on the false belief, that aliens would have to be similar to us. They won’t. Because the only reason that makes us think they do, is an artifact of our knowledge being most detailed in our realm, and our thoughts revolving the most around it too.

Also: I want my quirky alien videos! And whatever their children want, when ours would want a pony! ;)
And rule 36! :D

Comment Got away with one this time sonny ... (Score 0, Flamebait) 687

From TFA:
" ... "There will be no (criminal) charges whatsoever," Luque said. ..."
" ... Students were evacuated from Millennial Tech Magnet Middle School in the Chollas View neighborhood Friday afternoon after an 11-year-old student ..."

That's right. Criminal charges against an 11-year old.

As it turns out, California has no Minimum Age for Criminal Responsibility (MACR), so if they wanted to, they could have brought charges against the student.

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