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Comment Re:Any of the common ones will do (Score 1) 499

I find it hard to agree to my own post since it's so full of weird sentences, grammar, the wrong words...

English isn't my native language or grammar and I type how I think and I may also have been tired and sometimes I simply type the wrong word :D

Ubuntu was actually a complete pain to install for me because it used some shitty graphical installer likely reliable on Noveau which didn't worked so it simply failed all the time over multiple versions. Debian worked just fine because it used a text installer...

Also the Fedora installer too is complete garbage because it basically just copy its own environment into the harddrive. So no credits to either.

Now the OpenBSD installer is a different thing. One floppy and you get too choose what to install and it's fetched over the Internet. That's an excellent installer!

Windows install super-easy. I assume Windows may do the same stupid "I think this is best for you"-BS too though.

OpenSUSE let you choose what to install and you can even visit OpenSUSE Studio and create your own installer / distribution. I prefer OpenSUSE but it's not like the others is likely to cause trouble either. Since they are so large for common problems you'll find solutions. I assume the solution to the Ubuntu installer may be to do all you can to force it to just use basic VESA instead. I don't want "clever tricks which doesn't work", if they work then fine. But obviously they didn't.
I ran ArchLinux before it was up to 1.0 and they changed device system, possibly USB stopped working or whatever and they broke the AlsaMixer. I'm ok with ME breaking things but I don't want the distribution to break them thank you .. At-least if I break them I may have any idea what I actually did.. If someone else break them not so much. I really had no problem with Gentoo either as long as staying away from the ~packages (and too high optimization flags I guess.) I think Ports could end up being somewhat of a chore in FreeBSD but I don't know how much of that was my fault or not (with portsupgrade or so.) Debian stable in 2.0 days was fixed that I assume that had very few issues too, that of course meant that one could want to go with some more unstable branch or use packages from one leading to trouble too ..

The least problem one likely have to when going with the stable stuff and doing a full reinstall for each new version, but it may also feel like the least optimal solution one would had wanted as long as they actually worked :D

Comment Any of the common ones will do (Score 3, Informative) 499

Ubuntu and Mint both try to be newbie friendly and are large enough.
Normal Debian which they are off-spring of (Mint grand-children) would likely do too though I know ..well, back in 2.x days you used to get a question how you wanted to merge configuration files and stick with what you had or get the new one or whatever and that kinda felt like a pain. I don't know how it handles if you've done any changes and that's likely when you get the most problem with it (which may still not be a problem.)

OpenSUSE work just fine.

Fedora likely work just fine too.

Where they separate is how you upgrade, Debian can update from one version to the next from within the running system, I think Linux Mint used to suggest that you simply reinstall the new version but by doing that you of course need to keep your /home and any other files you want to keep separate or backed up. The advantage with the later approach is that you can introduce any changes whatsoever, including really large ones and the system will still work and it won't be a problem. If you keep some old stuff around you need to know how to migrate it to the new.
There also exist rolling distributions or releases from those who use numbered ones where the OS constantly evolve and you just upgrade all the time. Then you likely get more upgrades and in the case of trying to decide what to do with old configurations and such maybe you'll get more work there but you will never have to deal with going from one version to the next of the whole OS instead.

Multiple of them also don't want to include non-free software by default but remain clean/more clean from that and as such you may not get the proprietary video drivers, Adobe Flash, video and sound codecs and such installed from the beginning but information about how to get that software installed too is readily available so it won't be a problem to install it.

There's some other distributions why try to be the most friendly and easiest and would include such stuff too but the problem with those is that they will be smaller than the ones mentioned above and maybe they just die off or get updates slower than the large ones or will lack the documentation you want at some time or what you find isn't exactly matching the system you've got and so on.

Someone mentioned FreeBSD too before but FreeBSD isn't Linux, FreeBSD/Linux to some degree would be but you likely meant GNU/Linux. There's step by step guides for how to upgrade one version of FreeBSD to the next to there shouldn't be a problem as long as you follow that to do that either. Maybe a few more commands but you're unlikely to run into an issue doing it so it will likely carry on very smoothly anyway.
Someone also mentioned ChromeOS but if so then why not go full-blown Android instead? Though I think they was supposed to merge. Running Android wouldn't be the worst choice. Valve should just release a version which adds upon Android if necessary to make the Linux games run on it too.

Comment Re:But Dissent is Now HATE (Score 1) 293

And refusing to give you a platform is now genocide.

Maybe complicity / not allow people to talk against it. It depends on the purpose I guess.

The politics which bring others here and deny our people and culture however IS genocide. But even if we were allowed to speak out about it it would still be. So it's not like that chances anything. Even if the majority of the voters voted for it it would still be it. Heck, here in Sweden the normal word for suicide would be "sjlvmord" as in self-murder.

Comment Re:Probably a good investment (Score 2) 138

I think an example is in order to highlight this:

Fresh fish is sent by rail through Sweden, along the coastal rail route on the east, from the northern parts of Norway to Oslo in the south. Because that's faster than doing it along their own railways or highways.

Also because "why do it yourself when you can have a Swede do it?" / all the rich Norwegians. ;D

Comment Inferior communist technology (Score 1) 62

For just 80 times the cost, A US Ally Shot Down a $200 Drone With a $3 Million Patriot Missile, superior US military technology can shoot it down at up to 160 times the distance! Wikipedia: MIM-104 Patriot.

Superior Patriot technology let you protect against drones in a 80 524 times as large area at a cost effectiveness at 100:1 considering the low extra cost at 80x the price of this anti-drone rifle!

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