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Comment Re:69% know that piracy is illegal ? (Score 1) 252

Alright, I will spell it out for you.

One of the excuses for copyright was that the author, having made a significant investment to create and distribute their work, need to be able to recoup their costs (and hopefully make a profit). Those sunk costs have plummeted.

But the main reason, which you don't seem to view as an answer, is that the current copyright terms do nothing except lock down culture and impoverish the public domain.

Now it's your turn to answer my question: how is life + 70 better for society than 15 years?

Comment Re:69% know that piracy is illegal ? (Score 1) 252

The real question is why have long copyright terms at all?

Enforcing artificial scarcity on ideas and treating them as "property", especially for long periods of time, should only be done if the end result is beneficial to society as a whole, rather than to a few powerful lobbies. And I have not seen anything that suggests that it is the case.

I am aware of one attempt to empirically establish the optimal copyright term, and the conclusion was around 15 years. You are welcome to read the papers and state any disagreement that you have with them.


Comment Re:Better news!! (Score 1) 70

Even better news!! The Obama Administration has 8 solid years of recordings already in place

True, but keep in mind that the mass surveillance was rampant was before Obama assumed office in 2009. Arguably the only thing that changed is the capability due to the technological advances.

for political or apolitical detentions.

Citation needed.

Comment No option to turn tracking off (Score 2) 183

According to the Ghacks article, for "diagnostics" the choice is between "full data" and "less data" with no explanation of what it means.

Microsoft furthermore announced that it will reduce the data collection of the basic level. Myerson did not reveal what Microsoft intents to change though in this regard.

Also, the "web-like" interface is for controlling the Microsoft account settings which are, unsurprisingly, on the web.

All in all, a much more informative reporting.

Comment A different perspective (Score 1) 158

The US cotton industry claims that a repeal of the abolition -- which destroys innovation and value creation -- will foster an environment that'll be more positive for their business and would be good for innovation in the industry. They went on to say that it "would provide opportunity for significant innovation and differentiation" and that it'd enable you to "do some very interesting things."

Comment Re:False dichotomy (Score 3, Interesting) 588

In the last election, while not the only choices, were the major choices.

And that's the problem right there.

Your problem is not Trump or Clinton. It's a system that culminated in a choice between two candidates which a large portion of your countrymen believe are both unsuitable for the job.

Address the cause, not the symptoms.

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