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Comment Re:Addons = wasteful & you're quoted! (Score 1) 534

Yes, I was referring to my previous quote. Thanks for finding it, I wouldn't have been able to find it on my own.

To elaborate: both my old quote and my previous answer don't contradict each other. "Low speed, low memory, low power, battery-based devices" are one of the "cases in which one does indeed want to locally block stuff outright while consuming minimum system resources". In other words, my old quote ("case in which...") is a set, of which my previous answer ("low speed, low memory...") is a subset. And "smartphones" is a subset of "low speed, low memory...".

Ah! And I forgot to mention! I have an old EeePC, the first one, 600 MHz CPU version, running a trimmed down version of Windows XP SP-3. In it I also use hosts based ad blocking by means of Spybot S&D 1.6.2 and SpywareBlaster hosts blocking. I haven't powered up that machine in about two years though, so it's most certainly outdated.

Therefore, as you can see, I'm consistent in my opinions, and also truthful to my word.

Can you please provide the research links? I'm certainly interested.

Comment Re:NOW you agree w/ MY point... apk (Score 1) 534

Ah! It's not now, I did agree previously. Hosts file ad blocking is particularly useful in low speed, low memory, low power, battery-based devices. I use hosts file ad blocking in my smartphone, for example.

In my desktop computer however, I don't notice a difference in performance. It's so fast that the difference in ROI between hosts based ad blocking and JavaScript based ad blocking cannot be perceived.

Hmm... I'm curious though: if you're against advertisements, why do you advertise APK Hosts File Engine 9.0++ SR-4 32/64-bit?

Comment Re:Tell you what: Why don't you do it? (Score 1) 534

IF you're concerned about it, build a better tool then yourself.

I guess I'll continue using a combination of uBlock Origin, Tampermonkey and Reek's Anti-Adblock Killer to deal with the Facebook ads that APK Hosts File Engine 9.0++ SR-4 32/64-bit won't be able to block then. It's easier to use those tools than to build a new tool from the ground up myself.

Comment Re:Best adblocker (protects vs. most threats) (Score 2) 534

Can APK Hosts File Engine 9.0++ SR-4 32/64-bit block ads that come from the same domain of the content?

For example, if I'm visiting "", and it serves ads sourced from "", can APK Hosts File Engine 9.0++ SR-4 32/64-bit block them?

Because that's what Facebook is going to do to try thwarting ad blocks, including thwarting APK Hosts File Engine 9.0++ SR-4 32/64-bit.

Comment Re: Think of the children! (Score 1) 37

It's like Valve is a hardware store selling paint, and some people use that paint for vandalism. It isn't their fault, and they have no culpability.

In some countries they have. Here in Brazil hardware stores are forbidden from selling spray paint cans to teens, as it's assumed they are going to use them to spray illegal graphiti. If a hardware store is caught selling spray paint cans to teens it pays a fine and runs the risk of being closed.

Comment Re:Read some Engels (Score 1) 519

Sorry, but why should I read something from the bourgeois factory owner Engels, or from his bromance buddy Marx, who lived from the surplus value Engels extracted from his proletarian workers?

Marxist theory, having been written by two members of the bourgeois class, cannot but be just another false consciousness ideological construct to advance the interests of the bourgeois themselves, as is evidenced by the fact over the last 150 years it has led to nothing but the overcoming of one set of bourgeois by another set of bourgeois, the so "avant-garde of the proletariat", which in typical fashion always have everything but actual proletarians.

Wake up. None of these "avant-garde" bourgeois will ever transfer their dictatorial power to the actual proletariat. As all bourgeois ideologues, they want the power for themselves. The proletariat? Convenient excuses for the power grab, if that much.

Comment Re:Cyanogen != CyanogenMod (Score 1) 124

under ROMs like CyanogenMod, you can install a very _limited_ google apps selection. For example, you can have basically just the google play store, and that's it. No Hangouts, Gmail, Google app, Chrome, Drive, etc, etc.

Not true. Check Delta Gapps With Modular Addons (All DPI). You're welcome.

Comment Re:US Legal system (Score 2) 571

If you trust your lawyer, you will definitely get screwed. In most legal situations, your primary adversary is your own lawyer, not the opposing party.

This happened to a friend of mine. She lost an arm and part of her vision in an accident, and also got PTSD. The lawyer she contracted to do the work to get her disability benefits showed in court one week after the deadline. Now she's unable to work and unable to receive disability benefits.

She tried then finding a lawyer that would help her get this overturned. No lawyer she contacted wanted to touch the case, because they all said they work for workers' compensation, so they cannot do anything against it. Some said they'd look into it if she calculated for them how much they might earn, which she has no idea how to do.

Then she tried finding one that'd help her sue her previous lawyer for malpractice, and no one wants to help.

So now, thanks to this, she's a one armed, partially blind, PTSD-suffering, mendicant, as she depends on the help of friends to have, among other things, a ceiling and food.

If anyone reading this has a suggestion I could forward her on how to solve this absurd situation, please provide it. It'd be most welcome...

Comment Re:Inflation, anyone? (Score 1) 1052

If UBI is a solution to technological growth, meaning surplus growth, and this growth is faster than population growth, then those $800 become able, over time, to purchase more and more due to the deflation inherent to technological advances. The alternative is to practice inflation adjustment so that prices stay stable, and you increase the value paid over time. In the end both things work for the same: increased robotic productivity = everyone becoming able to live better.

Comment Re:"Is there a flaw in that argument?" (Score 1) 951

The simulation hypothesis is simply the hypothesis that, given "n" identical settings, you don't know in which specific one you are. I fail to see how the question "but where did the settings came from!?" has anything to do with it.

These are three different questions:

a) Knowledge of how many settings 's' there are (we know the lower bound to be 1: us ourselves);

b) Knowledge of which setting we are in assuming 's' is if is greater than 1;

c) Knowledge of the origin of the setting / settings.

Why do you suppose one single hypothesis has to simultaneously cover all three, and cannot restrict itself to dealing with a single one of them? Care to explain why, exactly, one cannot have a hypothesis only about 'a', only about 'b' (as exemplified by the simulation hypothesis) or only about 'c'?

And what is it about emphasizing the word "hypothesis"? Has it turned into a demeaning term all of a sudden? Have philosophers and scientists become forbidden from developing them? How do you propose we advance from no knowledge into theories and mechanics without going through hypothesis first?

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