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Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 2) 116

Why is this guy and others like him

Do you needing a mirror, maybe? After all, you just created categories to divide people between "categorizers" vs. "non-categorizers" (you being in the former), "marginalizers" vs. "inclusivists" (you being on the former too), "egotistical" vs. "altruists" (no clue about you, but probably on the former), "superior-feeling" vs. "equal-feeling" (you evidently feeling superior), and "noble writer" vs. "a**hole writer" (your message most definitely fitting the later).

So, Mr. Categorizer-Marginalist-Egotistical-Superior-Feeling-A**hole-Writer, go get a clue.

Comment Re:Stealth Layoff (Score 3, Interesting) 303

When you're given about 5 months to move, *while* the economy is down, and cannot afford to wait more until it goes back up because you need the money right now to pay a premium for the new one in a place where you have to wait several months to get a contractor due to the huge influx of people (and pay more to those contractors than you would under normal conditions), things get way outside optimal. You're basically stepping from the 4th-sigma of the left tail of the Gaussian distribution directly to the 4th-sigma of the right tail. So, yeah, you lose money, the hope being you lose less than you would otherwise.

Comment Re:Stealth Layoff (Score 1) 303

People who are near retirement would probably be better off holding on to their home and retiring earlier than planned rather than taking what is potentially the loss of one or more years' income in a single hit.

By close I mean about 10 years from. They did the math and concluded him finding another, local, lower paying, 50+years-old-accepting, IT job, so as to keep their former house, would result in a higher financial loss on the long run. They'd end up retiring in a much worse condition right when health-related bills increase exponentially.

And that, mind, under Obamacare reasoning. It's shaping to become even more prescient under the proposed Trumpcare if that goes all the way into being approved.

Comment Re:Stealth Layoff (Score 5, Insightful) 303

This is exactly how Reddit did it.

And Intel. The husband of a friend of mine (and his family with him) were forcibly moved several States over so as to keep his job when they closed several offices all around the US, causing them to sell their former home for a fraction of it's value and purchase a new one, smaller, and for an inflated price due to the huge influx of people there stressing the local house market.

The alternative offered? To "quit" his job and lose severance and other benefits.

Why he (and them) complied? Because he's near retirement age and doing anything else would be end-of-life economic suicide.

As for all the former employees who "quit", that certainly looked amazing on the responsible executives' resume. Not to mention the bonuses due to all the cost savings etc.

Shareholder capitalism is an illness.

Comment Re: Can we solve a real problem please? (Score 1) 52

Don't feel sorry for these people.

Check Luke 14:13-14. Done? Now, read Matthew 7:1-3 again. When you're done, let's merge both by referring to Proverbs 21:13. Harsh, eh?

Americans have a very weird concept of what Christianity is all about. Assuming it's true, most will have a very... interesting... experience once Judgment Day arrives.

Comment Re:age 30 is old and $60K is "wealthy" (Score 1) 153

Welcome to the third world.

Actual third world here. 40 years old and $18k income. I usually purchase ebooks when they're reasonably priced, meaning about $10 or less. When they cost $150 (or $39 for an article) because they're Harvard-library-priced, yeah, I pirate it. Also: when there's no ebook version (I love the underground movement that scans old out-of-print books); or when there is but it isn't sold to my region for some reason; or when it's priced higher for my region.

Comment Re:Can we solve a real problem please? (Score 1) 52

God help us all.

So, why are you spending money on an Internet connection and on a computing device, when you could have donated them to charity? Also, why are you using your free time here, instead of going to a homeless shelter to teach them? And have you opened up your home for them so that they have a better place to live?

Given your reference to God, let me point you to Luke 18:10-14 and Matthew 7:1-3. It's interesting how many Christians forget those verses and similar ones exist.

Comment Re:Ignorant (Score 1) 131

Here in Brazil the vast majority of Uber drivers are so because the recession the country is going through destroyed the companies they worked for and they've been unemployed for several months without perspective of becoming employees again for a long time. It has literally saved many people from foreclosure and from being ejected given there's no barrier to entry: just take your car and go earn money.

If this rule sticks, guess who will be back in the queue for non-existing jobs?

Comment Re:More likely they will pull out (Score 1) 131

I'm Brazilian too, but I don't know enough about labor law so as to figure this out, and I'm curious.

Suppose Uber changed it's system so that they charged drivers directly for use of the driver version of their app instead of charging drivers a percentage of each run. As in, I want to drive for Uber, I enter the App Store or the Play Store, and I find I can subscribe to it for, let's say, $1.000 BRL (about $300 USD) per month, with the first month free. In this scenario, Uber is literally selling an app and an associated service of locating people.

Would this fly? Or even in this case would drivers be considered employees?

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