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Comment Re:A business decision (Score 1) 1032

except that homes and cars are hard assets the banks can sell to mitigate the losses or rent out for income to lessen losses. student loans are not.

if you let people discharge their loans then a lot of lenders won't loan out as much money and we go back to the old way where you have to work full time to pay for school. which is how a lot of people who went 30-40 years ago paid for it. working full time, ROTC or GI Bill/Army College Fund.

i want to see some whiny millenials whine about having to join the army to pay for school

Comment This guy lives in Montclair, crazy expensive (Score 2) 1032

he writes for the NY Times, lives in the same town where Tony Soprano lived in a home most likely worth over $1 million, sends his kids to some of the best public schools in the USA and doesn't want to pay back the loans that paid for the education that got him here.

i might have to restructure my loans with my wife and do the same thing and let you suckers pay them off

Comment the prices are getting beyond ridiculous (Score 1) 229

i grew up before we had cable and the extra channels were awesome at first. but with so much crap now in the basic tier including ESPN which a lot of sports fans don't even watch the prices too high. and lately everyone is adding a sports news channel or some other me too channel to the basic tier and asking for more money.

they have the extra streaming add ons for a lot of channels but they limit the episodes to a few at a time and it's a crazy system where you have to have the right TV provider.

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