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Submission + - How do you play Super Hexagon on an Arduino?

alecu2 writes: Super Hexagon (2012) is an amazingly addictive video game, known for its hypnotic visuals, entrancing soundtrack and incredible difficulty. (we) The people at Club de Jaqueo, Buenos Aires decided to use it as the inspiration for our latest electromechanical game, using an Arduino, a strip of leds and a battery, that a huge fan starts spinning to create a POV display where the game's labyrinths are shown. This Saturday it will be the first public presentation if you can travel to Buenos Aires in a whim, otherwise the source code and schematics are available as open source so you can turn your old fan into a fun game.

Scientists Create RNA From Primordial Soup 369

Kristina at Science News writes "The RNA world hypothesis proposed 40 years ago suggested that life on Earth started not with DNA but with RNA. Now a team of scientists bolsters this hypothesis, having assembled RNA in the lab from a mixture that resembles what was likely the primordial soup. 'Until now,' Science News reports, 'scientists couldn't figure out the chemical reactions that created the earliest RNA molecules.' The new work started the RNA assembly chemistry from a different angle than what earlier work had tried."
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Submission + - The History of the Commodore 64 (gamasutra.com) 1

Matt Barton writes: "I thought Slashdotters might be interested in our History of the Commodore 64, the first in a set of six planned features on gaming platforms at Gamasutra. Bill Loguidice and I look at why the C-64 was so overwhelmingly popular, as both a personal computer and a brilliant gaming platform. We also give advice to modern gamers interested in emulating the platform and playing its games: "The 'Commie' is still the best personal computer ever to grace the living room.""

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