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Comment Because they see the writing on the wall (Score 1) 79

When they know that people will be able to buy AT&T's streaming TV option and all they need is internet, but they will still want that 4k... they have to make sure people still give them their cut. This business model will eventually fail, and be replaced by one that settles for a smaller cut... but in the meantime... lookout. It's similar to death throes.

Comment This is nothing new... (Score 1) 436

Could say the same thing about radio, TV, and print... People used to send chain letters before there was the internet. God forbid rumors get spread! Just who exactly is he saying the onus is on to stop these 'false' stories anyway? Facebook? Next thing you know he'll be blaming microphone manufacturers for allowing people to give 'hateful' speeches.

Comment Huh? (Score 4, Insightful) 537

This problem sounds like a made-up problem. Nobody's cell phone app is going to cure cancer yet... but they ARE very useful for using cameras to deposit checks and file expense reports without any paperwork... I don't see what you're getting at... there is useless crap all over the place, everyone tries their hand if they are willing to do it, and if it's something that people want, they pay for it. If it's not, then they don't. The OP is clearly focused on one or two, or twelve apps or tech that are 'useless' but I wonder if they would stop a second and think just how fast the ENTIRE WORLD is changing right now... All the time.

Comment Re:What's the price of your integrity? (Score 1) 338

Numbers are numbers. Money paid to employees is done out of the money the university has to spend. They either have to take in more of it, or pay out less of it. Which do you propose they do? The rest of the equation is irrelevant. Pretend for a second that YOU have employees, and your costs are going up, but your workload is not shrinking... what do you do?

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