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Submission + - New type of phishing attack on sophisticated users (azarask.in)

alain94040 writes: People are reporting a new type of phishing attack that works on sophisticated users, depending on your web browser. Although the masses easily get fooled by any kind of attack, this is notable for targeting users that usually consider themselves immune to phishing.

Submission + - Ask slashdot: is shark eating entrepreneur alive? (fairsoftware.net)

alain94040 writes: An investor has been pressing me to invest. He wants to put $xxK of his money into his developers in [third world country] to redo and significantly strengthen the site for rapid growth, in return for 10%.

He would not give me names of CEOs he's funded as references.

He went to [fancy school], and claims that once the site is done, he can then draw on all his connections and angel funders to help it grow rapidly.
I am attracted by the offer, since I do not have the time or money to do all the social media etc necessary to make this site grow rapidly.

My tech cofounder engineer (with whom the investor will not speak) is against the idea.

What should I do?

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