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Submission + - Unsanity admits old APE behind Leopard BSOD (computerworld.com)

Ian Lamont writes: "The reports over the weekend of some Macs blue screening after installing Leopard turned attention to Unsanity's Application Enhancer. Responding to message board threads and an Apple support document that blamed 'third-party enhancement software,' Unsanity's Rosyna Keller at first suggested it was unlikely that APE was the culprit, saying 'You'll always have people suggesting voodoo solutions to problems (like repairing permissions) and them claiming it works when simply rebooting was the fix.' But by Sunday, Unsanity had changed its tune, with programmer Slava Karpenko publishing an apology that admitted older versions of APE were behind the BSOD trouble, and that the company had 'underestimated the number of people running outdated versions of our software.'"

Submission + - SourceForge services market: up to 12.5% commiss'n (idg.com.au)

StonyandCher writes: "SourceForge is launching a open source services market place. Currently in beta, the market place will be designed to allow paying customers find open source developers, including those working on specific open source projects. The catch is that SourceForge want to make between 12.5% on small projects and 7.75% on projects over $US500. This seems like a fairly hefty commission to me. What do others think?"
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Apple's Leopard rejects latest version of Java (regdeveloper.co.uk)

Andrew writes: "The Register is the first major news site to bring to light Apple's apparent lack of support for Java SE 6 stating: "Leopard may have 300 new features, but it is unable to run Java SE 6 (aka 1.6), even though that same version is available for both Windows and Linux. That has taken some Mac users by surprise, including some on this user forum on Apple's website. Several users there say 1.6 is so central to the development work they do on a daily basis that they will be forced to use an OS other than Leopard if it remains incompatible." — Here's to hoping Apple will surprise us all this week with a final version via Software Update..."

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