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Comment Re:Bankrupt them (Score 1) 303

"Google around for Assasin's Mace" -- and if you find anything besides paranoiac speculation, do alert the media.

And, while on the topic of paranoiac speculation, why does the U of Cambridge doc provide a narrative of a successful, highly-targeted security breech of the global Tibetan movement, while the Times article raises alarms about a seemingly omnipresent worldwide spy operation?

The tone of Infowar Monitor's report is nowhere near the alarmist squeals of the Times:

"Recent allegations of Chinese cyber espionage largely rely on anecdotal evidence. The most common proof provided by victims of these attacks consists of log fles or malware that shows connections being made by infected computers to IP addresses assigned to the Peopleâ(TM)s Republic of China.This kind of evidence is circumstantial at best. Internet usage statistics suggest that focusing on Chinese instances of information warfare is misleading.

"With 41% of the worldâ(TM)s Internet users located in Asia, China alone accounts for the largest national population of Internet usersâ"some 300 million, nearly one-ffth of the global number of users. Coupled with the rapid growth in Chinese use of the Internetâ"a 1,200% increase in the period 2000-2008â"this would more than account for the rise in instances of Chinese-oriented malware.

"At the same time, however, allegations of Chinese hacking and exploitation of private and government computer systems are persistent enough to warrant an evidence-based investigation.This report provides such an investigation."

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