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Submission + - Judges upholds $107,834 award against RIAA (arstechnica.com)

CrashNBrn writes: Judge upholds $107,834 in attorneys' fees award against RIAA
In the long running saga of Atlantic v. Andersen the judge has awarded the exonerated P2P defendant over $100,000 in attorneys' fees. Her malicious prosecutio lawsuit against the RIAA is still pending.


Submission + - IE7 Alters Gmail Contents (mosspod.com) 1

Caleb writes: A friend sent out the latest clip for Ghost Humpers, our episodic mockumentary. Downloading the quicktime movie from Gmail gave me a compressed version. I thought that was odd. After a little searching, I found an option to download attachments as a zip file. Simply replace "disp=attd" with "disp=zip" in the attachment URL. IE7 was changing this to "disp=indzip" for the same result; on its own. This piqued my curiosity. I searched Gmail for more attachments. A WMV file gave me an unmodified URL. A DOC file gave me an unmodified URL. Files with Apple specific extensions of MOV, MOVIE, MOOV, MOVIEPROJ, QT, and QTCH gave the modified URL. What was going on? Firefox, Safari, and Opera all gave me the unmodified URLs for every file. Therefore, there are only two options: either Google is giving IE7 a modified URL or Microsoft has coded IE7 to look for a list of extensions within Gmail and modify the attachment URL. The first option seemed highly unlikely. Changing the user agent of Firefox to IE7 and testing pointed directly at Microsoft. Sending 14037 files to myself showed me what IE7 was looking for.
Operating Systems

Submission + - GNU/something (polishlinux.org) 1

michuk writes: "Let me ask you a basic question: Which operating system do you use? What are the possible answers? Windows, Linux, Solaris or Mac OS X, of course. But let us try to think different for a moment. Maybe it is possible, that this answer would be, for example KDE?"

Submission + - Majority Of New PCs Shipping Without Windows Vista

Preedit writes: Bill Gates on Sunday at CES bragged that Microsoft has sold more than 100 million copies of Windows Vista since the OS went on sale last January. But, taking a deeper look at the numbers, InformationWeek says that's not very impressive. The story notes that Gates at CES 2003 boasted that Windows XP sold more than 89 million copies in its first full year — 2002. In other words, Vista's first-year unit sales beat XP's first-year unit sales by little more than 10%, even though the PC market has doubled in size since XP first went on sale. Infoweek also reports that Gates' "boast" unintentionally reveals that Vista was aboard just 39% of new PC's that shipped last year — less than half.

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