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Comment Re:Hardlinks? (Score 1) 440

Sorry for the delay in responding. Think of hardlinks as multiple pointers (filenames) to the same physical file (data on disk). The actual file (data) won't be deleted until all hardlinks have been deleted. I don't know if there's an easy way of going back, but I've never had any problems with them. In fact, that's how I manage a lot of my media (same movie in both drama and comedy for example). That allows me to show the same movie in multiple locations without using up that much more storage. You might also want to check out Hardlink Shell Extension, also linked to from my site.

Comment Hardlinks? (Score 1) 440

If you can get them on a single filesystem (drive/partition), check out Duplicate and Same Files Searcher ( http://malich.ru/duplicate_searcher.aspx ) which will replace duplicates with hardlinks. I link to that and a few others (some specific to locating similar images) on my freeware site; http://missingbytes.net/ Good luck.

Comment Re:The biggest missing feature in linux (Score 1) 702

Around 2 months or so ago, I switched my primary OS to Linux Mint, which is based on Ubuntu, but adds in the things most users want, like codecs for playing DVDs, Flash, etc. While I never use the Start-Search method in Windows, it is built into Mint by default, and I've used it there on several occasions.

Submission + - The consistent failure of Linux on the desktop (pingdom.com) 3

airjrdn writes: From TFA: Linux enthusiasts have been predicting the rise of Linux as a desktop OS for the better part of a decade. To name just one of many examples, in 2003, Siemens Business Systems predicted that Linux would have captured 20% of the desktop market by 2008.

Comment Re:it doesn't make any sense because (Score 0, Troll) 473


I just began using Linux Mint nearly full time, and it's been very nice, but finding software is still easier for Windows users if it isn't in your repo's.

You don't have to hunt anywhere, any non-Apple store that sells software sells Windows software, and all major software sites carry Windows software.

As for fussing with it, again BS. I've always had to do much more work getting Linux to print and install proprietary drivers than I ever had to do in windows, and the ultimate pain is felt if you do something that disallows X to start. Worst case scenario in Windows is that I'm at 640x480. Piss X off and you are in a terminal.

Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 237

Not just date, date picture taken. The last time I checked, which was a year or so ago, it couldn't be done by setting any options, etc. My forum post is probably still at ubuntu. The cmd line is better for some things, but not all. If so, do you ever use a GUI? Think your Mom is going to write that script? For you and I a cmd prompt has it's advantages, but for the vast majority of users, it's useless.

Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 237

Again, Linux pushing me to a command prompt. The point was that the file managers in Linux can't handle this basic requirement useful to users at any skill level. We can all do things at the command prompt if we can write a little code, but most users want to use the GUI.

Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 237

That's my point. When moving photos from the camera to the OS I do maintain that exact directory structure, but in Windows I don't have to check every photo individually for the date taken, it's a column in the file manager.

No need to try to make Linux users smarter than they think they are though, Windows users and possibly even Mac users can be fairly mentally organized as well.

Comment BS (Score 0, Offtopic) 237

  • Fewer viruses - Agreed
  • Lower cost of ownership - BS, too much time is spent hacking up config files to make crap work or work right
  • CLI/scripting system that actually works - BS, anything you can write and make work in Linux, I can in Windows
  • Most open source software runs on it - Show me anything worthwhile that doesn't run in Windows or have a better alternative there
  • Drivers for just about any piece of hardware ever built - BS, that's the primary thing most users have issues with, half baked drivers
  • No blue screen of death - Agreed, but I haven't seen one yet in Win7
  • Not nearly as resource hungry (unless of course you use Compiz :-) - Agreed, but neither was Win98 which is typically how Linux feels
  • Penguins way cooler than butterflies

Mod me down if you want to, but I've yet to have Windows drop me to a command prompt after an video card driver update, OS update (Ubuntu anyone?) or had to recompile sound drivers after every OS update (Ubuntu on that one too). My file manager will display in a column what date pictures were taken so I can categorize them accordingly, can yours do that? It couldn't the last time I checked.

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