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Comment Re:Why all of a sudden? (Score 0) 261

It's part of the chess match. Samsung creates pretty much identical,perhaps even better UI based on iOS. Apple looks at what will be hard to copy and determines that deep GPU integration in the core OS just isn't going to work in the permutations of CPUs that Samsung has to support. Apple finds a way to use these features to marginally enhance the OS experience, but in a flashy way that can be sold in TV commercials and just looks cool when people are in a phone store.

Now you're Samsung: do you spend a ton of money/effort trying to clone these effects, or do you first see if you can convince people that they are actually a bad thing? I know what I'd do.

Comment Re:Success (Score 1) 432

True that Apple goes for one big splash a year. But given that Samsung spends more advertising its mobile phones than Apple, Microsoft, HP, Dell, and Coca Cola *combined* spend advertising *all* of their products... and I'm not sure it's fair to say that hype drives Apple's sales more than other companies'.

Comment Re:He's outing himself as a contractor, isn't he? (Score 1) 285

Also, the implication is that he *has been* an Oracle "employee", when in fact he *just became* a contractor. The story impugns his motives for stuff long before he became a contractor.

It is a pretty good example of how to take a few literally true facts, add a few distortions ("employee" versus "contractor"), and imply a false history... and end up with character assassination that's more or less sort of true, but wildly misleading. Submitter should go into politics.

Comment Re:Financially backing? (Score 2) 58

The two are inseparable. Consider that you are Apple, or Google, or Microsoft, or really any big company. A patent troll comes to you and offers a chance to buy in to their patent pool -- you will gain a blanket license to their entire portfolio for only $500m, presented as an equity investment.

Your patent attorneys look through the pool and determine that, if they were to sue you on every patent they have a 50% chance of winning, the expected outcome is $750m. Even if you prevailed in every case, legal costs would be about $100m.

What do you do? Keep in mind that you're publicly traded and shareholders -- the board -- isn't going to look kindly on personal crusades that disregard best outcomes for your company.

Comment Re:Cruising way past sad.... (Score 2) 95

Nothing wrong with a little brand destruction in the name of increasing short term revenue, especially if you're looking to make an exit.

But yeah, I've noticed my visits to slashdot have gone from twice-daily to daily to weekly over the past few months. I'm not even sure how much to ascribe to the slimy mix of content and advertising and how much reflects the general loss of quality and tendency to be days behind CNN rather than days ahead.

Comment In another reality... (Score 1) 537

Our reality: Apple doubles tablet resolution; Slashdot rolls eyes and talks about how unnecessary it is and how it confirms Apple is all about style over substance and is just a distraction from the evil / closed nature of the company and platform.

Somewhere, in an alternate reality: Samsung ships a 250DPI 10" tablet; Slashdot explodes in triumph with talks about how it's the most amazing breakthrough ever, will revolutionize tablet use, and confirms Android's role as an innovation leader and the general superiority of the completely open platform.

Comment Re:corporate responsibility (Score 1) 334

You know that Foxconn makes products for Motorola, right? And that there is a proportional likelihood that any given Foxconn suicide was working on a Motrolla product?

Other Android "manufacturers" that use Foxconn for prodcut assembly and are therefore every bit as culpable as Apple, but never mentioned because it's against the narrative: Acer Inc., Amazon.com, Asus, Barnes & Noble, Samsung, Sony Ericsson.

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